Askren: Maybe I'll fight Diaz if he can 'stay off the pipe'


Former Bellator champion Ben Askren was recently a guest on 'MMA Roasted' hosted by comedian Adam Hunter. Askren spent a good deal of time on the podcast and detailed everyone he could beat, including Nick Diaz, who's he's not sure could stop smoking pot long enough to take a fight with him:

"Diaz, man he ain't even fighting no more, why would I talk about me against someone who's retired? Well, if Nick Diaz can stay off the pipe, maybe I'll fight him. He's like taking down a wet paper bag. I don't think I'd have much trouble. He'd probably be flipping me off and shit, but I'll just smile at him."

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TBA11 site profile image  

6/21/14 11:43 PM by TBA11

Lol clown

Edelweiss site profile image  

6/21/14 11:33 PM by Edelweiss


trobinson21 site profile image  

6/16/14 6:25 AM by trobinson21

Poetry. Lol. More like having to read a novel you want no part of for a shitty college class.

willienugget site profile image  

6/16/14 6:03 AM by willienugget

I'm a big Diaz fan but that was a foot-in-mouth moment. He was filmed saying he could have finished but just coasted out the round.

blakemp site profile image  

6/16/14 5:58 AM by blakemp

Are you delusional?At the 10 second warning, Nick gave up an incredibly dominant position in order to go for an armbar. Even after Condit escaped, Nick rolled for his leg and had Condit in trouble... But you're saying he wasn't trying to finish him?

JToller site profile image  

6/16/14 3:05 AM by JToller

Askren biggest Troll in MMA. Dude is desperate for attention. You fight for one FC not the UFC. Stop saying you'll beat everyone you couldn't draw up enough excitement to get signed to the UFC now all of sudden you are the biggest Askren Promoter.

Zed Wayne Zed site profile image  

6/16/14 2:41 AM by Zed Wayne Zed

Askren would get smoked by Rory.Askren has ZERO answer for that level of striking and intelligence.Still, he should be in the UFC.I liked the Lima fight a lot.

krash24 site profile image  

6/16/14 2:37 AM by krash24

He was fed 3 cans so he could get finishes in his last three fights. He decision-ed five (or more) slightly known but second tier fighters, compared to the UFC, before that. I'd love to see him test himself against UFC talent. But to say he is a "finisher" because he beat 3 nobody's is crazy. I don't mind "boring" ground fighting. I find it interesting. But controlling without trying to finish is boring. That's what Askren does. It is what Fitch started doing against better fighters in the UFC. They could be so much more. Maybe. If not, then that's life. Not everyone gets to be number one. But if you have the heart to compete, then at least try.

NORCAL707 site profile image  

6/16/14 2:06 AM by NORCAL707

He ain't beating shit because he's not even in the UFC and calling out the UFC 's fighters isn't going to get him anywhere

gridlor site profile image  

6/16/14 1:07 AM by gridlor

The UFC is a different level of competition as we have seen time and time again from champions in other leagues coming to the big show. Askren will probably be no different.