White: Woodley chokes in big fights


Before UFC 174, Tyron Woodley was making a case that he should receive the next title fight. When the Matt Brown vs. Robbie Lawler fight materialized, Woodley took a fight against Rory MacDonald hoping to secure his number one contender place. Unfortunately for Woodley, instead of proving his place, he 'choked' according to Dana White:

"[Rory MacDonald] dominated Woodley tonight. He shut Woodley down and made Woodley look like he didn't even belong in there. He choked in the big fight tonight. He needed to come and out and try to rip that head off in the third round he didn't even do that. He threw a few punches, missed, and just sorta set back into the way he fought the rest of the fight. He got beat tonight. He got beat mentally, he got beat physically, he's got a ways to go. Seems like he chokes in the big fights."

Woodley is 15-3 in his professional career, and those three loses have been in three big fights. First to Nate Marquardt for the Strikeforce title, and then to Jake Shields and Rory MacDonald in bouts that could potentially have put him in title contention.


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Herman Munster site profile image  

6/17/14 6:14 PM by Herman Munster

White being his usual idiot self and still not giving Rory the respect he deserves.

JamesTheWelshDR site profile image  

6/17/14 5:19 PM by JamesTheWelshDR

Because the winners are p4p #1

future_jabroni site profile image  

6/17/14 4:53 PM by future_jabroni

This is the kind of stuff from DFW that I can't stand. It's unnecessary.Besides, I don't think that he chokes. Rory was just plain better. I think Woodley has been kind of a late bloomer to this sport and he still has a lot of upside.

no-gi_JAMES420 site profile image  

6/17/14 4:18 PM by no-gi_JAMES420


CindyO site profile image  

6/16/14 3:59 PM by CindyO

LOL! How much?   Cindy

Wasa-B site profile image  

6/16/14 1:14 PM by Wasa-B

Good to see Rory getting the credit here for being that good. You'd think Rory didnt do anything that fight from all the talk.

RollHighAllDay site profile image  

6/16/14 1:12 PM by RollHighAllDay

They both choked. Rory had Tyrone on the fence with his hands down doing nothing the whole fight. He had every chance to try and finish him but he would land a really light combo and proceed to back up to the center of the cage forcing the fight to restart again. It was evident Tyrone wanted no part of a fight, Rory couldn't put him away. Both choked.

grimer site profile image  

6/16/14 12:28 PM by grimer

Both. I don't think he choked. I think he fought a really good fighter who showed up with a near perfect gameplan to nullify Tyrone's strengths and frustrate him. The right thing to do is to credit Rory, not rip on Woodley. But that said, Dana should really keep that kind of opinion to himself also. No need to kick a guy when he is down. Tell me one positive that comes from labelling one of your top fighters in that division as being a choker? It was disrespectful and unnecessary.

Wasa-B site profile image  

6/16/14 12:15 PM by Wasa-B

Rory is just better. Rory is the more deep, rounded, technical fighter. Tyrone was dangerous for a while but could not compete with Rory's overall game/skill.We knew this going in.

aimed with V site profile image  

6/16/14 10:59 AM by aimed with V

I think it happened because Shields started his unsuccessful attacks from the very beginning and never stopped.Also when in standup, Shields thrown kicks to measure the distance.Woodley had no intention to bring the fight to the ground, so he couldn't do much with those kicks and his attacks were neutralized.The whole situation was uncomfortable for Woodley, who likes to go forward with all his weapons utilized and ready to go.All that is just MHO, of course...