MacDonald: No one's going to stop me


Although he didn't finish Tyron Woodley at UFC 174, Rory MacDonald looked as impressive as ever shutting down and dominating a very tough opponent. MacDonald is on a short list of potential title contenders, but will likely have to fight again to earn a title shot, something the young Canadian is happy to do:

MacDonald on if he wants the title shot: “I appreciate there are other guys who have come up and performed well, but I want everyone to know that I’m right there, ready for that shot. I want them to know I’m going to be the champion, if they make me wait for it or not. No one’s going to stop me.”

Rory MacDonald on his performance: “I had a lot of fun. I’m happy. I was impressed with my training. It showed. I felt great. He’s a really good opponent. I had fun training for his style. It was an awesome challenge and a cool obstacle.

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Herman Munster site profile image  

6/16/14 5:37 AM by Herman Munster

Rory is right, no one will stop him, not Brown, Lombard, Lalwler or Hendricks. Title will be his.

eXtv site profile image  

6/16/14 4:50 AM by eXtv

One of these things is not like the others

Firemansam site profile image  

6/16/14 4:46 AM by Firemansam

Shut up

ChrisJPN site profile image  

6/16/14 4:26 AM by ChrisJPN

By virtue of making the statement it's clearly in his opinion, isn't it? Everything everyone says is in their opinion.

Brabatross site profile image  

6/16/14 3:41 AM by Brabatross

Rory beats Brown easily. Him vs Hendricks and Lawler are 50/50 fights imo.

Liyon site profile image  

6/16/14 3:20 AM by Liyon

Rory vs. Lombard next, imo.

iceman714 site profile image  

6/16/14 3:00 AM by iceman714


rkm456 site profile image  

6/16/14 1:52 AM by rkm456

Tyron was bullied the entire fight. I don't give a fuck if he wasn't busted up. He stood back to the cage where Rory told him too. Then in the third he finished the fight by teeing off on his head from side control. If it were earlier in the round the fight would've been stopped. I was even kind of surprised that the fight didn't get stopped, no one would've complained about it being an early stoppage. They were repeated and completely undefended shots to the head.He wasn't impressive against Maia? In the first round Maia had him exactly where he wanted him, couldn't keep him there, and from there it was all downhill.I think Hendricks would beat the snot out of him. Heavy hands and the ability to determine where the fight takes place. Lawler in a rematch? Maybe Lawler would win, but Rory is great at following game plans, and Zahabi is great at coming up with new ones, so a rematch probably looks quite a bit different. Lombard could pose some really interesting problems for the water boy, but that's about where it ends. Brown v Lawler is the sexy fight to make right now, because fans are grumbling about entertainment value and it's a guaranteed barn burner. But Rory has a more legitimate claim for a title shot.Bear in mind that I say all of the above things as someone who's been hoping for him to get smashed since the lead up to the BJ fight. You might not like, but you simply can't deny his skill.

PitbullTodd site profile image  

6/16/14 1:42 AM by PitbullTodd

Holy shit you're a fucking dumb ass

Shouldhavebeen site profile image  

6/16/14 1:13 AM by Shouldhavebeen

The only people he beat up were 155ers. He did almost no damage to Tyron, almost everything he threw was blocked or missed. He wasn't impressive vs Mai, he certainly didn't beat him up


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