Jones: Sonnen almost gained an exception


Jon Jones has been very vocal against cheating and drug abusers in mixed martial arts, but during a recent episode of the MMA Hour, gave praise to the way Chael Sonnen recently handled his situation:

"I watched him on 'UFC Tonight' and I thought he handled it very responsibly. I really admire him being vulnerable and telling the world about his situation with his wife and things like that. I've been very vocal about not respecting steroid users and guys who cheat. But, Chael almost gained an exception with the way he handled it and the way he was just so honest and upfront with the fans and other fighters about the whole situation. So, it's never good for the sport to see something like this, but in a way it was a win for Chael because he got to let some things off his heart, off his chest and just be real with everybody. Man, I'm sure he has a sense of freedom because of it. I'm happy for him."

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Achilles Lock site profile image  

6/18/14 3:31 AM by Achilles Lock

JJ has come across a lot more likeable recently. Remember, he's still quite young...In somewhat relation to the thread, I'm personally interested in how people feel about Carwin. Likeable guy, but imo, didn't care which career he fucked up. Gave Mir a loss that I'm not sure would have been there otherwise. It's not been proven he was on roids, but I and many others feel he was. Not just TRT. Full-blown roids. Just finished watching him on Fight Pass. Really have begun to dislike the guy, to say the least.

BigFish1988 site profile image  

6/18/14 3:02 AM by BigFish1988

love those ears bones, shows u been touching men.. look on the real tho.. fuckin fight gustaffson are u a fighter or a beareded jellyfish? fucking fight him win or lose, stop tryna horde that belt we gonna put u on the tv show man u got a problem. fight him, not inspite, but because of the fact ppl challange u to it. what are u a fighter? fuckin fight him

boneskodaiceman site profile image  

6/18/14 1:33 AM by boneskodaiceman

That makes no sense, you are just presenting a false flag to cover your true reasons.

Thingading site profile image  

6/17/14 5:09 PM by Thingading

Very good point about giving some guys a pass when they get caught while others ared condemned. If someone is a big Sonnen fan, they will overlook this. If they already dislike him, it is more ammo to pile on. We saw the same with Wandy. He was blasted by some fans, but his hardcore supporters would only acknowledge the good he has done for the sport.Whether one likes Chael or not, it is hard to argue he has in fact given the sport more recognition. I would also dread getting into an argument with him. Although he has failed during his UFC title shot opportunities, he seems to p'own anyone and everyone who challenges him verbally.

shaqitup site profile image  

6/17/14 1:38 PM by shaqitup

and if Jones ends up with an eye that's staring at his nose after an eye poke i wouldn't feel bad for him either.

Phil999 site profile image  

6/17/14 1:35 PM by Phil999

Val did a great job in that movie.

boneskodaiceman site profile image  

6/17/14 12:25 PM by boneskodaiceman

Was upfront and honest? I could have sworn he didn't make his announcements until D-Day.

CaptChaos site profile image  

6/17/14 10:55 AM by CaptChaos

Jon chimes in when everyone knows Chael is full of crap.Are you really that gullible?

Gardnerd705 site profile image  

6/17/14 7:04 AM by Gardnerd705

I'm not taking away from Jones as a fighter he is the champion for a reason. The thing I hate about him is he reels you in being this guy who has nice things to say, then all of a sudden he makes a douchey twitter post or video that makes me dislike him more..