Ben Saunders: I did everything I could to get Rebney fired


Welterweight Ben Saunders and long time UGer, has had a wild career. He started with two draws, and then went undefeated for the next four fights, when he went through The Ultimate Fighter 6 and won three more in a row in the UFC. Things took a tough turn and he went 1-3 before being released.

Before long he was picked up by Bellator where he went 7-3. However, as he tells the UG, his opinion of the recently ousted Bellator founder Bjorn Rebney was unprintably low.

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"In My Opinion"

He knew exactly what he was doing... who to lie to, who to screw over, along with calculating precisely when and where to be shady.

He probably tried to please who he thought he needed to please. Two-facing like a fake ass motherf---er...

Though he clearly failed to do enough pleasing or he would still have his job.

I actually take Pride knowing I might have had a little something to do with Viacom's decision. At least I did what I could to let the people in charge at Viacom know that piece of s--- had to go! This was way before it actually happened. Yes! I did everything in my power to get his ass fired while still fighting for them.

Hate is a strong word but when someone f---s with your livelihood and in turn your family, your passion, your dreams, and everything you stand for. That means f---ng WARFARE!

All the blood, sweat, and tears I have put into my career and throughout my life. I'll be dammed if I let this motherf---er try to play me without retaliation!

I feel I was a pretty big figure for their organization, & I had a ton of fighters that had my back in full support, employees too. But no one had any power or weight to do anything about it. I just personally didn't give a f--- and did what I could anyways. He wanted play games I couldn't win, but in the end I feel Victorious!

That motherf---er is GONE!!!

Though truth be told... I honestly have no doubt in my mind that he knew his time was up, long before it was. He seemed very good at taking advantage of people and situations with his position of power. So like a heist, he probably arranged a decent get away.

He is the #1 reason I never thought twice about staying with Bellator even though they wanted me to. I will miss all the friends I made there. But Bjorn made that place feel, smell, and taste like lumpy spoiled milk and vomit. My senses are still recovering.

I do believe now that Viacom has Scott Coker their organization will be a much better place for fighters to venture to. Hell I might even wear a Bellator shirt outside with pride now. Lol

P.S. My fastest win in Bellator is because I was visualizing my opponent was Bjorn Rebney. That is 100% fact, No lie!

I was furious going into that fight and even more furious that it ended so quickly cause I had so much RAGE to still unleash. You can even see it in my eyes and my reaction after the win....

I literally scream out "F--- that Motherf---er!!!!!!!"

And it wasn't my actual opponent I was speaking about.... it was my imaginary opponent Bjorn Rebney who I left with a shotgun wound to the face!


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DanTheWolfman site profile image  

6/26/14 7:10 AM by DanTheWolfman

Only skimmed, butBen was it the 17 knee KO fight? Because if so, just for funny's sake, could someone put together that Knee Hit combo SF2 type GIF but do some magic and make his opponent's head Bjorn throughout? It would be pretty damn funny

MountainMedic site profile image  

6/26/14 2:09 AM by MountainMedic

Fewer Jews?????Damn dude

madmadworld site profile image  

6/26/14 1:40 AM by madmadworld

Jatz Crackers site profile image  

6/24/14 12:08 PM by Jatz Crackers

Um.  What? The thread of discussion referred to the fact that regardless of what success Bellator achieves, Rebney will almost certainly not profit from whatever shareholding that he may or may not retain.  My comment referred to how a company that enjoys vertical integration can essentially decide which rung of the ladder books any profit or loss, regardless of which subsidiary actually achieves it.  It's what Hollywood accounting is based on, only with no casting couches and fewer Jews. If Bellator fails, Rebney will never see a cent from his (apparent) shareholding.  If Bellator suceeds, Rebney will never see a cent from his (apparent) shareholding.  I neither know nor care whether it makes commercial sense for Spike to carry Bellator content, or whether the Viacom honchos are knowingly wearing a loss for some other reason, or whatever.  As long as I can turn on my TV and see some fights, I'm happy. But please, tell me more about opportunity cost and how they're quantifiable...

SJax site profile image  

6/24/14 10:22 AM by SJax

Indica, Sativa or perhaps even a hybrid.

Unseen site profile image  

6/24/14 9:56 AM by Unseen

That's not really accurate. In the business world there are "opportunity costs" that are quantifiable. I'm not a big fan if MMALOGIC, because I root for all MMA orgs, but his point all along has been correct in that it's not just how much revenue Bellator generates, it's how much more Viacom could make with something else. If they have a program waiting in the wings that is cheaper to produce and will get more ratings then Viacom is losing money regardless of what Enron type tricks someone pulls on the financial statements.

BrocksSword site profile image  

6/24/14 9:27 AM by BrocksSword


MisterHawkeMMA site profile image  

6/24/14 8:34 AM by MisterHawkeMMA

Personal opinion... but I never thought that Viacom could succeed at MMA. A public company that big has way too much responsibility to it's bottom line to make the proper decisions. The UFC succeeded because the people who ran it genuinely LOVED MMA, and had to answer to no one. Just look at the decisions Bellator started making when ownership changed. Instead of prioritzing the best fighters, they just started looking at whatever would make the most money.    If an MMA promotion wants to succeed. They need to do what Invicta is doing and accept their spot as feeder to the UFC. That symbiotic relationship will get them through a lot of tough times. And they can buy a lot of fighters the UFC opts not to re-sign for cheap. Benefit from all of that exposure the UFC has already put into guys like Gerald Harris, Junie Browning, Efrain Escudara, etc. Those are names that at one point, could've done way better headlining a regional card than Will Brooks. And instead of cable PPV, they could stream those events online. They could even do a deal with Fight Pass and sale library rights to the UFC so when fighters graduate it's easier for the UFC to promote them. 

rkm456 site profile image  

6/24/14 3:17 AM by rkm456

That post honestly concerns me on a bunch of levels. Prospective employers may not look kindly on someone who speaks about their old boss that way.

If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much site profile image  

6/24/14 2:49 AM by If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much

Least now you guys know when I said Bjorn was a POS, Dbag or A-hole you know I was telling the truth. The guy was scum and I am glad he is out of the sport, hopefully everyone sees that now.