Debut podcast of 'Josh Barnett Conquers the World'


The debut episode of Josh Barnett Conquers the World has arrived and like a storming Dothraki horde crashing over the grasslands, the former UFC heavyweight champion is pillaging the podcast world with his new show.

This is Josh's world and we're just living in it and to kick things off on the first ever episode of the show, the master of catch wrestling will discuss what's new with his career including a new grappling match just recently announced against multi-time Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu champion Dean Lister.

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Recent Comments »

Synado site profile image  

7/1/14 10:25 AM by Synado

Shayna Bazler is completely someone I could hang out with in real life. We have similar personalities and I love the hyperbole. Shayna should be there every week, she picks up on Josh's queues and provides interesting insight without coming off as obnoxious.

hooha site profile image  

6/30/14 3:02 PM by hooha

Exciting that you're checking out this thread Mnsr. Barnett!!!!some requests: - wanna hear about the comic art you like (still reading Dave Sim?)- Japanese fighters/wrestlers (Saku?! Inoki?! Minowaman?)- get drunk on air and do booze reviews (I know you like your fancy hooch)- Fedor! Megumi Fujii!!- Mediate a political talk between Jeff Monson and Pat Miletich (with weapons)! Don't wanna put my real name here but I'm an old time Canadian comic artist (you might hate my shit, more social commentary/sick humour/pushing boundaries than warrior action) and one day I hope to get one of my books in your hands! It would be the greatest honor...Congrats and best of luck with the podcast, you're off to a great start and we'll keep listening!

TexasBadAss site profile image  

6/28/14 2:19 PM by TexasBadAss

I imagine it takes a while to get used to all the tech stuff and nerves so you can just relax and have discussion.What helped you?

jdindiana site profile image  

6/27/14 6:24 PM by jdindiana

I enjoyed it. Look forward to the next one

Santo Amaro site profile image  

6/27/14 3:19 PM by Santo Amaro

it gets quite fun 20 mins in onwards

whoabro site profile image  

6/27/14 10:57 AM by whoabro

I have a podcast which ive done about 50 episodes of so far, and i can tell you that the first 20-25 were definitely not my best. It takes a while to get into your groove, but you have to start somewhere.Props for getting it started, josh!

TexasBadAss site profile image  

6/26/14 7:46 PM by TexasBadAss

Is this going to be a weekly show ? Josh was always great on rogan. Hope he does the non mainstream guest .

Decimated site profile image  

6/26/14 7:04 PM by Decimated

  He should have Shayna Bayzler as co-host.  That girl can talk.  And i don't mean talky talk blah blah like girls at the mall do, but she is super intelligent. I've there's an Eddie Bravo episode where her and J Duke are on it, and i was impressed with her bigtime.  I have a friend like NEVER have to worry about a slow part of the conversation - she's always got something to say.   I think her future after fighting is to be a spokes-chick for the sport .  This podcast would be a great proving ground for her public voice.

TouchedByAFedor site profile image  

6/26/14 5:00 PM by TouchedByAFedor

War Warmaster , ill poop my pants if you get get Fedor on your podcast somehow. Automatically moves it to the GOAT podcast

OSBtro11 site profile image  

6/26/14 3:15 PM by OSBtro11

Good job josh , I think this is a great idea . Il be tuning in ! VU


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