Mendes plans to address Aldo's fence-grabbing with referee


Nobody can predict whether or not one action in a fight could have changed the end results, but Chad Mendes believes Jose Aldo grabbing the face in their first fight definitely changed the course of the first round and heading into the second fight plans to address the issue with the referee prior to the bout:

“It sucks looking back on it,” Mendes recently told MMAjunkie. “I’ve watched that fight multiple times, and it pisses me off every time. I mean, that definitely would have changed at least the first round.

” … We’re definitely going to be talking to the refs beforehand this time, and I’m really going to be working on getting takedowns out in the open.”

“A lot of those guys out there, you take them down against the cage, and they’re grabbing it every time,” Mendes said. “It’s definitely something we’re going to be focusing on.”

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SykChyld site profile image  

6/27/14 4:05 PM by SykChyld

That's a great idea. Maia would have loved that rule vs Silva

ender852 site profile image  

6/27/14 3:31 PM by ender852

the rule is kinda stupid in the first place, and is only around to protect the guy doing the grabbing from getting his fingers ripped off, not to protect the purity of a wrestling in mma.

ender852 site profile image  

6/27/14 3:28 PM by ender852

that's too harsh, the fight should be restarted with the offender on the ground if anything.

ender852 site profile image  

6/27/14 3:27 PM by ender852

cry me a river. every fighter has grabbed the cage at least once, many times it is instinctive. I am not saying it shouldn't be penalized but i don't think it's that big a it more than once, sure, take a point.

Wasa-B site profile image  

6/27/14 3:20 PM by Wasa-B

^ Exactly.Yes, Aldo should have at least been warned or penalized there, sure. But people acting like it "dramatically changed the course of the fight" are exaggerating. Again, Mendes got Aldo down right after that and Aldo got right back up. And lets be honest, fair is fair and Aldo should have been penalized but Mendes wasnt gonna do anything to Aldo on the ground or standing back then. Lets just focus on the coming fight and Mendes has every right to highlight the fence grabbing for this one. Im super stoked about this fight, its hard to call, just like Weidman/Machida.

SykChyld site profile image  

6/27/14 3:05 PM by SykChyld

Intentional hand balls in soccer happen also. Fouling when it is your favor is part of almost every sport. World wide. Why do we expect MMA is going to be any different? The rules are set up to make it just flagrant.

da Vinci 81 site profile image  

6/27/14 1:09 PM by da Vinci 81

^ And I shouldn't say fighters purposely commit fouls because of they can get away with it once. But there's certainly not the punishment in place like there should be for guys to be consciously aware of not doing it.

da Vinci 81 site profile image  

6/27/14 1:06 PM by da Vinci 81

It's sad that this is actually what goes on. These guys all know the rules of the sport and are reminded in the back before every fight. Yet still when eye pokes, fence grabs, and other fouls occur everyone feels it necessary for a warning to be given before a point deduction. It's stupid. It's fair game right now to commit blatant fouls once because everyone knows you have to get a warning first before a point is taken off. There's no deterrent out there at all.

eljamaiquino site profile image  

6/27/14 12:14 PM by eljamaiquino

They foul intentionally in basketball, football, baseball. All major sports occasionally intentionally commit a foul to wreck.the opponents game plan.

SykChyld site profile image  

6/27/14 6:50 AM by SykChyld

Yep. And if we were to fight. I would kick you in the nuts once. Take my warning. Grab the fence a few times. Get my warning. Poke you in the eye a few time and get my warning... then win. Don't worry though I will pretend it is an accident.