Schaub: EA Sports UFC game can suck a d!$%


UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub recently covered several topics on his FOX Sports  "The Fighter & The Kid" podcast with actor/comedian Bryan Callen. Schaub talked Metamoris (I'd do it for free), Frank Mir (love him and love to fight him), and the EA Sports UFC game (they can suck a D).

Schaub's first appearance on the Metamoris mat vs "Cyborg" Abreu was remarkably underwhelming. Schaub said he wants to try again, vs. anyone, for free, and promises action.

"I would do Metamoris for free and I'd jump to guard, how about that?" said Schaub. "I will scoot [on] my butt to the middle of the arena. Match me up with whoever you want. I need something to do."

Schaub was even more enthusiastic about the prospect of fighting Frank Mir.

 "I would love to fight Frank Mir," said Schaub. "Can you imagine the 'Countdown' for that? We're both cocky. People would be like, 'I hate both these guys. I hope he knocks him out and they both never fight again.' People hate both of us. I love Frank Mir, I'd love to fight Frank Mir."

Schaub's positivity vanished however when the EA Sports UFC game was brought up. MMA changes so quickly the UFC bantamweight champion T.J. Dillashaw didn't make it into this version. Diego Sanchez didn't make it. Carlos Condit did, but his tattoo didn't. Regardless, Shaub is not impressed.

"I don't know if it's contract negotiations or what?" said Schaub. "When I was at the Joe Rogan show, one of the creators came up to me and said, 'listen man, we've seen the outcries, we know we're going to figure it out and we're going to put you in the game.' So, I'm waiting for that. How realistic that is, I'm not sure. They can make me a downloadable character.

"When the game was being processed I was in negotiation talks. Or the UFC just thinks I suck. That might be it. UFC might be like, 'Schaub sucks, we're not putting him in the game.' But when you're talking about heavyweights, you're fucking crazy for not putting me in there. So I won't even mention the game, I won't touch the game. I'm also old, so I don't play video games. But yeah, I can't support the game. That game can suck a dick."

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T Bag site profile image  

6/28/14 8:31 AM by T Bag

People taking this seriously are pretty dumbHe was obviously just joking around.

Dame site profile image  

6/28/14 8:21 AM by Dame

Just not a smart thing to say. He would have been better off saying something to the effect of "The game is gonna be great and I wish I was apart of it hopefully next time." When you are not the man in the better be a company man.

war wand site profile image  

6/28/14 1:37 AM by war wand

i hate big brown as much as the next guy but if one pascal krauss gets a spot in the game then surely shaubs gotta be in there to.

xsrg95 site profile image  

6/28/14 12:06 AM by xsrg95

FUCK! they missed out big. if they ever do they need to add the cross entrance.

St Louis Stroke site profile image  

6/27/14 10:05 PM by St Louis Stroke

Cause he's a nobody!!!! F'em!!

OCMikey site profile image  

6/27/14 8:54 PM by OCMikey

In all's strange how Mike Easton's in the game but TJ Dillashaw isn't.

Jack_Bauer site profile image  

6/27/14 8:50 PM by Jack_Bauer

Funny you don't hear Ben Rothwell complaining about not being in the game

OCMikey site profile image  

6/27/14 6:07 PM by OCMikey

Agreed. Why would they? No matter what he says. He's oversold himself so much that it's not even believable anymore. The Big Brown movement might have even made this more of an issue. Even though I was part of it.

HandyDarsh site profile image  

6/27/14 5:59 PM by HandyDarsh

Haha it sounded like he would do whatever they wanted to get another chance to be in it.I have a feeling they aren't eager to give him another chance, maybe I'm wrong.