Barnett Conquers the World: One final response to 'Bigfoot'


This week marks a brand new episode of 'Josh Barnett Conquers the World' with former UFC heavyweight champion Josh Barnett riffing on his rivalry with Antonio 'Bigfoot' Silva after the two fighters exchanged messages on Twitter recently.


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7/5/14 11:21 AM by chokeyou

people with 209 posts don't deserve responses.

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7/5/14 6:28 AM by T1LT

So im a troll because I have a different opinion than you lmao Im not going to arse lick any fighter just because they post on here like most do, I made a valid opinion, don't like it then fuck off.

cfv site profile image  

7/4/14 10:13 PM by cfv

Tilt is a troll or just a super negative ass.

Jody site profile image  

7/4/14 2:10 PM by Jody

and a former King of Pancrase.

FullyLoadedFists site profile image  

7/4/14 12:50 PM by FullyLoadedFists

Josh wrecks Bigfoot 9 times out of 10. More skilled overall fighter in pretty much every area. Also far more tough, gritty, and crafty/intelligent in the ring.Any fight fan with common sense knows this.

chokeyou site profile image  

7/4/14 12:16 PM by chokeyou

Who is this weeks guest? when do you announce?

chokeyou site profile image  

7/4/14 12:15 PM by chokeyou

From the horses mouth...

Josh Barnett site profile image  

7/4/14 12:03 PM by Josh Barnett

I don't give a shit about the supposed rankings. And besides not fighting one guy in a professional arena I don't pick my fights.   Josh

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7/4/14 11:41 AM by sillyscreenname

All's I know is that I would pay good money to see that street fight.