Cormier: Weidman best fighter at 185, maybe at 205


 On UFC Tonight, host Kenny Florian and guest host Daniel Cormier previewed the upcoming UFC 175 main event between UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman, and challenger former UFC light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida.

Cormier offered Wiedman the highest praise.                       

“To be the man, you have to beat the man," said DC. "Weidman did it twice. I think Weidman’s the best, not only at 185, but could be at 205. But Lyoto Machida is the anti-wrestler. Machida has a really sneaky way to keep you from getting him down. This will be a very close fight. For Weidman, he needs to keep his front foot on the outside of Machida’s foot – it’s boxing 101 – whoever has the outside foot, leads the dance. He finds his angle and punch, punch, and makes Lyoto reset his feet and then he can attack the takedown. If he gets the takedown, he’s a great grappler from the top and has to control fight from there.”

Weidman had high praise for Machida, describing him as a tougher fight even than Anderson Silva.

“I think Machida is the toughest test for me in the division. Tougher than Anderson - Anderson has a mental edge on most his opponents. Machida is more well-rounded, has better wrestling, and he’s more elusive. He’s not afraid to win a boring decision. I have to maintain my patience, but stay aggressive.”

“I’m going to mix it up. It’s all about deception, it’s a physical game of chess. I expect to hit him and he’ll still be there. I always expect to go through tough times in a fight, but hope for the best.”

The undefeated Weidman predicted not just a win, but a finish.

"I got a full training camp and I will finish the fight.”

Machida is a martial arts master, and Weidman is an amiable wrestler. To the relief of many, the run up to the fight has been entirely free of pre fight trash talk. However, Machida is not intimidated by the fact that no one has ever beat Chris Weidman.

“He’s a complete fighter," said Machida. "Every time I fight a wrestler, I feel very comfortable because I can keep my distance. It’s for sure he’s going to grab me, but I’ll be prepared for the defense and I’m prepared to go to the ground.”

“I have a good result against undefeated fighters. Rashad was undefeated and Thiago Silva was undefeated. I can do my best. I can’t say my strategy for the fight.”

So what do you think UG? Is Weidman the best at 185? at 205? Best eva? And who wins Saturday night?

Watch entire interview...


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iwatchsomemma site profile image  

7/4/14 6:34 PM by iwatchsomemma

You won't be able to discuss intelligently if you don't watch (and count) yourself. Don't base yourself on anything else (like those "facts" you keep talking about), just do it.Then come back and tell your story.

ChuteBoxYouUp site profile image  

7/4/14 6:27 PM by ChuteBoxYouUp


ChuteBoxYouUp site profile image  

7/4/14 6:26 PM by ChuteBoxYouUp

Yea of course you were able to "see" how truly "dominant" Jones was after re-watching the fight. Youre the sterotypical Jones fanatic lol. But your being subtle. Props!FACT: Gus landed more punches, significant strikes, and over all strikesBias or previous notions had nothing to do with that!p.s a majority of Jones strikes were weak oblique kicks. Its not like Jones was landing Shogun/Manoef kicks to Gus' punches. Gus won. Gus did everything but knock Jones downJones was also given close rounds that Gus deserved just because Jones was the champ and "you have to beat the champ" THATS NON sense and certainly had more of an effect then what you try to describe.

FullyLoadedFists site profile image  

7/4/14 5:51 PM by FullyLoadedFists


daxfactor site profile image  

7/4/14 5:43 PM by daxfactor

This. It's so bloody obvious it's not even funny. Dude is still but hurt as hell that jones dominated shogun.

TheFlyingGentlemen site profile image  

7/4/14 5:32 PM by TheFlyingGentlemen

ChuteBoxYouUp is the return of thaiguy

iwatchsomemma site profile image  

7/4/14 5:14 PM by iwatchsomemma

I watched, paused and counted. I'm not an expert but I just wanted to see how close the fight was. It really wasn't. Gus's hits were more "visible" coz we've never seen JBJ hit like that. That exaggerated the whole fight for Gus just like that cut early in the first round.JBJ threw way more kicks than Gus did punches.Most of those kicks to the head were "blocked" but still should have jarred Gus.Gus is amazing and a top fighter without question.JBJ beat him.Their rematch should still be good but JBJ should "easily" win again.

jmont site profile image  

7/4/14 1:35 PM by jmont

gus or dan maybe, cris has no chance against jon

ChuteBoxYouUp site profile image  

7/4/14 12:57 PM by ChuteBoxYouUp

Chris will beat JonesThats if Gustafsson or Cormier dont already do it

Lazer MMA site profile image  

7/4/14 12:55 PM by Lazer MMA

Exactly on the hugger who brought up Glover, he was not worth posting to though.Neither was the other one. LOL