BJ's coach: Never in 1,000,000 years would I develop that style

by Kirik Jenness |

Fans are drawn to mixed martial arts for those moments that make the crowd gasp "WOLY F@$%ING %#!T!!?!"

Sunday night at the TUF 19 Finale fans had a different reaction as BJ Penn assumed precious little offense from an upright stance vs. Frankie Edgar - "WHAT THE F@$%??!?"

Penn's long time coach Jason Parillo appeared recently on The MMA Hour and said that he was confused too.

Some suggested that the cut to 145, BJ's first in his career was potentially the cause of the poor showing. However, Parillo said he noticed the new stand up style during the filming of TUF 19, and offered his opinion, but said Penn was confident in it. So, not wanting to harm a friendship, Parillo let it go.

"I would never in a million years develop that new style," said Parillo as transcribed by Shaun Al-Shatti  for MMAFighting. "Never in a million years.

"I got called a week before the fight to work his corner for the fight, so I, myself, hadn't spent time in camp at all with B.J. ... I answered yes automatically because he's my friend. So I didn't know. They explained to me kind of the gameplan the week of the fight, and I was actually rooming with his boxing coach the whole week, so I was listening to him, talking to him about what they were doing. At that point, it's not my position to make any adjustments, like, ‘no, no, no, let's do this, let's do that,' because it's too late for that. It's too late. He's been doing this s--- for two years. What, am I going to come in the week of the fight and change a whole gameplan? Change a whole style around? That's not going to happen, nor does B.J. want me to make that happen."

"Everybody and their mother is calling me up going, what the f---? They're going, what the f---, Jay? Was is that? And I'm like, I don't know... But you know, that's B.J. B.J. gets something set in his head and he likes it, and apparently it was working for him in the gym, so he wanted to go from there.

"I wanted him bending his knees. It's called sitting down on your punch in boxing, and that way you can use your legs to help with your head movement, help with your footwork, help with all this stuff. He just says he doesn't like that style anymore because it made him too tired. So at the end of the day, what can I do? He's my friend and I've got to support him. I always have and I always will."

"In hindsight, let me tell you this. I come from the game of boxing, okay? Any fighter, any great ex-champion that decides to retire and then wants to make a comeback, two years later they want to make a comeback, their management, their promoters, whoever it is... usually if you're a manager, your main job you do is to shake the rust off this kid. You don't put him in there with the No. 2 guy in the world... It doesn't make sense."

"That goes back to how a fighter is handled. It's always going to go back to that. You've still got to protect your guy, but B.J. steers his own ship most of the time. B.J., it's hard, he's not a guy who really... he likes that challenge. Who's the best? F---, I want to fight that guy. ‘Who's the best? Oh, Cain Velasquez? I want to fight him.' He's 230 pounds, B.J. ‘I know! F--- him! I'll kick his f---ing ass!' That's part of why everybody f---ing loves him, let's be honest. But yes, I do believe he could've had a way better stretch."

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Recent Comments »

JoeHurley site profile image  

7/10/14 10:51 AM by JoeHurley

There is a difference between being a yes man and dealing with a person who is determined not to listen to you.  A yes man would be telling BJ that this new style was good and would be fine.  Having BJ tel you he decided on his own to go with this new style, not working with him on it and then coming in a week before a fight to corner is not being a yes man. Not sure why it's so hard for some fans to place the blame on BJ where it belongs instead of trying to find a scapegoat.

CanofPineapple site profile image  

7/10/14 10:46 AM by CanofPineapple

BJ has always been a diva. He already retired 50 times. Anyone who thought he wasn't going to get his ass kicked in this fight is an idiot.

Acexnz site profile image  

7/10/14 9:28 AM by Acexnz

You guys are idiots, a coach isn't going to come in last minute and change the entire game plan of a fighter.

DirtyLickinsBrah site profile image  

7/10/14 9:21 AM by DirtyLickinsBrah

Bad choice by jason to do this interview.....if anything.....its still too soon

chilz site profile image  

7/10/14 8:41 AM by chilz

BJ said himself in the last TUF with Frankie....after one of his fighters didn't listen to the coaches. He said jokingly, with a smile "Maybe,I should listen to my coaches more often" (paraphrasing) I love BJ the person/fighter...I so wish he would have stayed with the Marinavich *sp brother's.

TheAlchemist site profile image  

7/10/14 7:48 AM by TheAlchemist

You must not know...

MisterHawkeMMA site profile image  

7/10/14 5:56 AM by MisterHawkeMMA

I like BJ, never loved him though. He's tough as nails, but he's also said and done some things that were disrespectful as hell to the sport as a whole.   - Refusing to get into the best shape possible is always a disrespect to everyone involved in the event, especially the fans.  - Accusing GSP of being on steriods because he kicked his ass. And yes, he finished him. Hate that Brian Stann kept saying that was BJ's first time being finished. - Choosing to fight bigger guys like Diaz, and then complaining when they used their size advantage to help win the fight. - Bitching and moaning about the judges when Frankie beat him the first time.    I could've kept going actually. I've enjoyed a lot of his fights, and so I get that he get's some sort of rope. But yall are crazy if you are putting him anywhere near the greats of all time like GSP and Anderson Silva. 

rumble_fish site profile image  

7/9/14 10:14 PM by rumble_fish

Parillo should've pushed harder. If he was a real friend, he wouldn't have let BJ out there with that stance. Oh they were working with that stance? Afraid to undo all the entire camp?? Listen, BJ could've dropped that stance in between rounds if he wanted to. You talk about the muscle memory gained from a camp? What about the muscle memory from 20 years of striking training? BJ didn't give up the stance because he believed in it. Hear what he's saying in the post fight presser, things like, "new guys are hungry, have heart, yadda" It didn't sound like he thought the stance had anything to do with him taking the worst beating of his career.BJ is my hero, but I really resent the possibility that he might've been arrogant enough to think that he could bring in some new stance and some how change the game. Talk about fixing what ain't broke.

stillmatic site profile image  

7/9/14 9:44 PM by stillmatic

Parillo saw him using the stance on TUF and disagreed with it. BJ didn't bring Parillo into camp, because of their disagreement over the use of it. BJ called him a week before the fight asking him to corner. Parillo did it, because he wanted to do whatever he could to help BJ.Just incredibly disappointing to see BJ go out like that. It would have been a bit different if he went out and fought to the best of his ability and still lost, but that stance and another stupid game plan is a hard pill to swallow.

FCFBlazer site profile image  

7/9/14 3:21 PM by FCFBlazer

Wait wasn't Parillo with him on TUF? And a week before the fight was the first time he saw BJs new stance? Call jake shields, this is shady.