White sort of explains Arlovski as headliner


In his return to the UFC after a 5 year hiatus, former heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski won a split decision against Brendan Schaub. Despite the lackluster fight, Arlovski will next headline UFC Fight Night 51 against Big Foot Silva, a decision White said doesn't really mean anything:

“I was disappointed in both of their performances,” White said of Arlovski (22-10 MMA, 11-4 UFC) and Schaub. “It doesn’t mean the guys are never going to fight again. I just let them know how I felt. The fight sucked. I’ve got Schaub hitting me up telling me that he got robbed. I’m like, ‘No, we got robbed.’”

“Guys have bad nights,” White said. “It’s not like I hate Brendan Schaub or Andrei Arlovski because of it. I just hated that fight. You guys know how it is; I’ll always let guys know how I feel about a fight.

“For anybody to be complaining about being robbed in that fight…believe me, I’ve seen some robberies, and that wasn’t a robbery. That could go either way, and at the end of the day, nobody would give a s–t, because the fight was terrible.”

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vaginal tear site profile image  

7/10/14 1:39 PM by vaginal tear

That's a pretty horrendous visual. Thanks bro.

Kim Jong Uno site profile image  

7/10/14 1:28 PM by Kim Jong Uno

you're one of those guys huh

Tr0n site profile image  

7/10/14 12:21 PM by Tr0n

Imagine listening to king mo and schaub... That would be hell lol

rkm456 site profile image  

7/10/14 12:10 PM by rkm456

Ask a hockey fan how they feel about the neutral zone trap, or a baseball fan about instant replay then report back. Winning is paramount to the fighters, but to the fans entertainment definitely plays a factor. You have to respect that when someone is paying money to see something they have a certain expectation of finding value in the product whatever it is.

HeHitsMeBecauseHeLovesMe site profile image  

7/10/14 12:06 PM by HeHitsMeBecauseHeLovesMe

No, I though arlovski won. Not at any point after the fight did I expect to see schaub get his hand raised.

geezar site profile image  

7/10/14 10:45 AM by geezar

Imagine telling fans of other sports that the result doesn't matter unless the game/match is exciting. MMA is for stupid people.

MasterofMartialArts site profile image  

7/10/14 10:22 AM by MasterofMartialArts

I see just what you are saying but even if fights are boring, generally speaking, the decision still matters. This particular one, however, doesn't matter either way to me because neither guy did anything. But... A win over Schaub is still a win, enough to make him top 10 or 15.

Kim Jong Uno site profile image  

7/10/14 10:04 AM by Kim Jong Uno

Schaub did get robbed though. The fight was a snoozer but come on, everyone who saw the fight thought Schaub was getting his hand raised at the end. Dana seems to have a higher disdain for those that don't perform the way he wants than those who cheat. Whatever keeps the blood/money flowing I guess

Don_Dada site profile image  

7/10/14 9:47 AM by Don_Dada

That's Zuffa for you. You better believe Vitor's next fight will be in Brazil also, when was the last time he even fought in the US? Zuffa know exactly what they are doing and are enabling it.

Billyz site profile image  

7/10/14 9:36 AM by Billyz

Its in Brazil right? Pretty blatant way to get around the trt issue for a guy who is just coming off a drug suspension.