Dodson out for possibly a year following ACL tear/surgery


John Dodson was hoping to have another shot at Demetrious Johnson's flyweight title, but unfortunately an ACL injury and surgery will keep him on the shelf:

Dodson underwent ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) surgery on Wednesday to repair damage to his knee as well as a torn meniscus and the top contender at 125-pounds is expected to be on the shelf for at least the next six to eight months with his next fight likely scheduled about a year from now.

"I'm looking at six to eight months of me actually being out before I can start going back in the gym and going hard and stuff. About a year (before a fight)," Dodson told FOX Sports on Thursday.

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Kimbos Lice site profile image  

7/11/14 12:30 AM by Kimbos Lice

Hey boy, when are we going to have the next rap battle?

Drugs_Delaney site profile image  

7/10/14 8:36 PM by Drugs_Delaney

back to topic. THIS. love me some dodson. shit sux

KingMeNow site profile image  

7/10/14 5:58 PM by KingMeNow

Well that's brilliant.

Dreville79 site profile image  

7/10/14 5:42 PM by Dreville79

Was looking forward to Dodson DJ again! Best wishes to him. I've had breaks, fractures, dislocations. And none are as bad as those damn Cruciates!

PrettyBoy site profile image  

7/10/14 5:39 PM by PrettyBoy

Kyoji and Zach are... Everyone else you listed has just won 1 the last fight... That's not exactly a streak. I know this is not going to go over well... And I say this with the upmost respect but I can't see a fight like McCall vs Pickett validating a title contender.McCall is 1-2-1 in his UFC career you can't give some one a shot at .500 when they have already faced the champ twice IMO.And Pickett is basically 2-2 in his last 4 and is still new to the division. I don't know I'm just saying I think it will be a disservice to the division if UFC grants title fights that easy. There are going to be a ton of 135'er ready to jump like Pickett if he gets a shot that quick.

Drugs_Delaney site profile image  

7/10/14 5:35 PM by Drugs_Delaney

its called a joke. people keep discussing the issue further and you keep whining about people not reading and giving you credit for the op. since you kinda whined, he left that subtle jab at the end so you would whine some more. see what i did there?

cwashrohawk site profile image  

7/10/14 5:04 PM by cwashrohawk

Ian McCall Jussier Formiga Zach MakovskyBrad Pickett Kyoji HoriguchiAll are on win streaks and could make exciting fights for MM. I think he wins all of them though.

NukSooCow site profile image  

7/10/14 4:39 PM by NukSooCow

Its getting harder and harder to get excited for fights when half the time I anticipate an injury.

chilz site profile image  

7/10/14 4:20 PM by chilz

Kinda like the women's 135lb division....Who is left for Ronda to fight, after Cat? The UFC needs to sign Holm asap.