TJ Dillashaw: Barao rematch a great fight for me


Despite a dominating performance by TJ Dillashaw, Renan Barao will receive an immediate rematch, something the champion has no issues with:

“It’s a great fight for me,” Dillashaw said. “I’m happy to fight whoever they want me to fight. I don’t want to have to choose anybody. I just want to have the fights come to me.”

Dillashaw isn’t concerned with the consequences.

“The worst thing that could happen is you could possibly lose,” Dillashaw said. “That’s how every match is. You have to go in with the same mentality for every fight.”

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kill joy site profile image  

7/13/14 11:03 AM by kill joy

tone it down douche copter   VD

easedel site profile image  

7/13/14 9:47 AM by easedel you get your ass kicked for 5 rounds and it gets you an immediate rematch. wtf

Zed Wayne Zed site profile image  

7/13/14 12:55 AM by Zed Wayne Zed

I may be alone on this, but I think Barao wins the belt back this time.I didn;t see the fighter I usually see with him this time.Gonna be a tough one, but I think this may be a Barao win.We'll just have to see.

onandon site profile image  

7/13/14 12:01 AM by onandon

Sorry I'm not a hardcore poof like you. Why would you even bring up my registration date? It doesn't mean shit and you know it. You signed up in 2001, congratulations man. I'm sure your life is so great that you still find time to post on a board you signed up to over 10 years ago. I bet you're some fat dude in their 40s with no career and no family. Only way you get kicks now is making retarded posts on an MMA board. Awesome life! :DIt's the old school, just bleed, white trash fans like you that gave MMA a bad name in the first place. Don't try to pull some shit like a registration date to suggest that you know more about MMA than I do. Member Since: suck my dick

The Last Emperor site profile image  

7/12/14 6:48 PM by The Last Emperor

God I hope this is true. I will lay down 5k.

Jesus KO'd stayrad site profile image  

7/12/14 11:07 AM by Jesus KO'd stayrad

TJ has a great attitude what I like in a champ

Rob San Soo site profile image  

7/12/14 11:00 AM by Rob San Soo

Cruz style beats him IMO

The Power Double site profile image  

7/12/14 10:47 AM by The Power Double


ausgepicht site profile image  

7/12/14 10:35 AM by ausgepicht

Idiotic fans who know nothing about MMA, like you, are ruining the sport.Member Since: 3/7/12

Mark Hunts Pet Monkey site profile image  

7/12/14 9:47 AM by Mark Hunts Pet Monkey

You shouldn't have to beat the champ twice to take the belt, no matter how dominant a reign he had, but that seems to be the general view of things these days.Not saying Renan needs to go to the back of the line, but at least a few spots back. You had a belt, you lost it. A loss should have more gravity, no matter who the fuck you are.