Struve '100 percent, definitely wants to fight''


Stefan Struve was scheduled to make his return to the UFC at UFC 175 last weekend, but unfortunately after suffering a fainting spell, was removed from the card. This would have been Struve's first bout back after a heart condition diagnosis that has kept him on the shelf since March of 2013.

Struve of course was anxious to return to action, and has manager told is he still 100% committed to return to the Octagon:

"I've subsequently spoken with Dana [White] several times and his question has been ‘Does Stefan want to fight?'" McMahon said. "I've spent a fair amount of time with Stefan since the canceled bout, and his response was 100 percent, he definitely wants to fight.'"

According to McMahon, the physical symptoms Struve experienced were unrelated to his heart condition.

"He had essentially what boiled down to a panic attack," McMahon said. "It manifested itself physically, he had a fainting episode backstage before his fight occurred. I don't think he took full account of the emotions to step into the Octagon. I think he had some lingering questions about where health was even though he'd been cleared by specialist. All those things came together in a perfect storm and unfortunately it created a tremendous amount of anxiety, and it caused him to faint. ... Stefan has already seen several doctors, the doctors have reiterated there is nothing physically wrong with him, it was more the psychological response which created the physical manifestation of him fainting."

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CaptainWoody site profile image  

7/15/14 1:35 PM by CaptainWoody

Were any of them moments away from fighting another man half naked in front of thousands of people live and hundreds of thousands watching it on TV?I've never done it, but I imagine that could cause some extreme anxiety.

RyannVonDoom site profile image  

7/15/14 1:28 PM by RyannVonDoom


BrattMamley site profile image  

7/15/14 9:50 AM by BrattMamley

Probably from stressing about his heart condition and worried if he'll be ok or not. That shit builds up over time and can manifest itself in a panic attack when under extreme stress (example: right before a big comeback fight). Anxiety is a strange thing.

Blueyevil site profile image  

7/15/14 9:31 AM by Blueyevil

I have panic attacks all the time. I will be standing there when my body starts tingling and the next thing is my vision goes pitch black and I am on the floor. I don't really go out , but I collapse and it takes a few minutes for everything to get back to normal. It was scary as hell the first few times. Now it is no big deal.

BrattMamley site profile image  

7/15/14 8:48 AM by BrattMamley

This. I've been dealing with panic attacks for 2 years now. The first one I ever had I thought I was fainting and I had no idea why. Scariest shit ever. Do some research LetiKraker.

Hocky Balboa site profile image  

7/15/14 5:40 AM by Hocky Balboa

"I test thee Stefan myself.  No prob-lem.  One hundred percent-uh"   - Wanderlei Silva  

Mykal McDerp site profile image  

7/15/14 5:36 AM by Mykal McDerp

He has already been in massive UFC fights, even co mained before at a younger age.. Why this only coming to surface now?

BeauTown site profile image  

7/15/14 5:18 AM by BeauTown

Hope they give him one more chance, Mabey the top of the prelims on a ppv, against a fighter ranked between 10-20

michaelkaras site profile image  

7/14/14 10:09 PM by michaelkaras

some people do.  i've had some bad panic attacks and everything just gets smaller and kinda zoomed in and i know i have to grab something because im about to drop like a 200 pound sack of bones

Mike126 site profile image  

7/14/14 10:03 PM by Mike126

The fucker wasted fans $12. JK!