Amanda Nunes: '100%' I beat Rousey after Zingano


Cat Zingano was originally scheduled to fight Ronda Rousey, but with a long layoff is taking a return fight with Amanda Nunes, and then hopefully will have her title fight with Rousey. However, Nunes is hoping to be the spoiler and is confident she'll beat Zingano and then Rousey:

“I think for sure, 100 percent, I beat Ronda Rousey after this fight with Cat,” Nunes said. “We wait for these moments. You can show that you’re prepared for the title only if you get these very big opportunities. I’m ready.”

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7/15/14 6:26 PM by Hecklah


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7/15/14 3:37 PM by JustAnotherMMAFan

Amanda Nunes is a brown belt in judo (and has been training for years), and a black belt in BJJ. She got one-punch knockout power and very few people can stand and strike with her on an even ground. She's also very aggressive and makes a lot of pressure.  Nunes muscled Alexis Davis around quite handily, and is clearly one of the strongest girls in the division I think Rousey controls the clinch, and will be still the stronger of the two... and I don't think Nunes ever faced anyone who puts as much as she does... even more so.  of course her judo is nowhere near as good as Rousey's, but it has only to be good enough just to keep the fight standing, where she beats Rousey, IMO.  I'd like to see this fight, and I still favour Rousey... but that would be interesting to see.  

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7/14/14 6:34 PM by Dreville79

This. Nunes runs through Zingano. At this point I still favour Rousey, but only around 70-30. No one but Nunes stands a chance. Cyborg included.People need to realise how high level Tate, McCann and Davis are. Ronda is just a different class

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7/14/14 6:33 PM by Steve4192

The lioness turns into a lamb when she is put on her back.Ronda (and Cat) will put her on her back.

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7/14/14 5:40 PM by HeHitsMeBecauseHeLovesMe

No chance IMO. She has already lost to far lesser competition, even recently. I do believe that people improve, just not that much over two fights.

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7/14/14 5:38 PM by Tr0n

Too be fair, she was beating Alexis but lost due to gas imo. That was also 3 years ago. She's the only women I see who has a chance of beating rousey. She's big, nice footwork, and has power. And 100% the lioness will be victorious against Kitty cat

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7/14/14 5:31 PM by judonoob

Alexis Davis TKO'd her. Sarah D'Alelio decisioned her.No she is not beating Rousey and she is not beating Cat.

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7/14/14 5:23 PM by Mark Hunts Pet Monkey

She might beat Cat because of the layoff, but she'll get rag dolled by Rousey.