Griffin: Machida was more of a test than Belfort will be for Weidman

by Chris Palmquist |

Former UFC Light Heavyweight champion Forrest Griffin speak to the UG's Jonathan Shrager regarding an array of topics including;

- His appreciation of European culture and relishing his role as a UFC ambassador spreading the MMA gospel abroad.

- His relationship with Dana including some amusing anecdotes.

- Weidman's greatest threat in the Middleweight division.

- The fanfare surrounding Conor McGregor in Dublin.

- Plans to pen a third book.

A plethora of miscellaneous topics are also broached by the inimitable Forrest, namely the difference in quality between US Burger King coffee and UK/Ireland Burger King coffee. 

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comeonman1 site profile image  

7/18/14 10:40 PM by comeonman1

Machida hurt Weidman, Weidman said so himself. Belfort fights similar in some ways as Weidman, both come forward and are aggressive,  this could favor Belfort early as he has a big speed advantage. If Weidman was smart he would take Belfort down for first few rounds to gas him out. Can't wait for this fight

BJJgod site profile image  

7/18/14 10:28 PM by BJJgod

I don't agree with him. He's been wrong about too many things already.

Stan Wang site profile image  

7/18/14 9:23 PM by Stan Wang

Thanks captain obvious!

Josh_underground site profile image  

7/18/14 9:18 PM by Josh_underground

I think it just depends. Vitor is way more dangerous than machida, for the first 10-15 minutes of the fight. Machida is more dangerous later on, as he showed in the Weidman fight.

Aaron Becker site profile image  

7/18/14 9:15 PM by Aaron Becker

Agreed with you and Forrest

VitorpeepeetasteStrongTRT site profile image  

7/18/14 8:27 PM by VitorpeepeetasteStrongTRT

I agree with him.

Jim Harbaugh Scramble site profile image  

7/18/14 8:25 PM by Jim Harbaugh Scramble

Not sure that Forrest is really known for his fight analysis...

subwrassler site profile image  

7/18/14 7:56 PM by subwrassler

can he hurt Weidman?silva and machida could not

Chris Weidened My Diameter site profile image  

7/18/14 6:41 PM by Chris Weidened My Diameter

SN Bet?