Brad Pickett: McCall doesn't respect me as a fighter


UFC flyweight Brad Pickett talks to the UG's Jonathan Shrager regarding an array of topics, including:

-The weight cut down to Flyweight, and whether it impacts his aggressive fighting style.

-His debut at Flyweight versus Neil Seery at UFC London.

-His aspirations in the division reigned by a man over whom Brad holds a victory.

-How he proposes to strategically approach the fight versus Ian.

-What Ian has said/done that has riled a customarily-relaxed Brad.

-Brad's London upbringing and heritage, and the unique "cockney" image he's progressively cultivated.

- The importance of nurturing a unique style within MMA.

- Brad's food preferences in and outside of fight camp


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Herman Munster site profile image  

7/19/14 8:50 AM by Herman Munster

If the general theme of the thread is McCall's disrespect than mentioning someone he has recently disrespected does have something to do with the thread, especially when we have people pretending "he is all class."I would only otherwise bring Rory up in a subject related to another WW, so no I have not once (including this thread) brought Rory up in a subject that he has nothing to do with. If the subject has anything to do with a top WW than Rory will automatically be relevant to the discussion. You must be upset that I recently said Matt Brown has no business being considered for a title shot over Rory, which he doesn't. You, McCall, and Brown must be from the same school of idiot.

Herman Munster site profile image  

7/19/14 8:40 AM by Herman Munster

Sure.... But you look like a loser when you call someone a point fighter, who is dominating elite level WW's and talk about their lack of street cred or some stupid shit like that. Meanwhile you have zero UFC finishes yourself, and lose to every name you face in a much more shallow division... And of course he talks shit about someone who has never said a thing about him and how un compelling his match ups are, or talking shit about someone he would never have to back up his big mouth against. That makes you look like a loser, and comparing him to UG posters doesn't help your case.

HeHitsMeBecauseHeLovesMe site profile image  

7/18/14 10:22 PM by HeHitsMeBecauseHeLovesMe

Does this guy work for the UG? When did the UG start doing interviews?

DoomFarmer site profile image  

7/18/14 10:11 PM by DoomFarmer

Yet again, in a post that has absoloutely nothing to do with Rory McDonald, you come in and bring him up.You are an odd, annoying individual.

I Wild Each It site profile image  

7/18/14 10:10 PM by I Wild Each It

One of the things that I appreciate about Ian, is his interaction with the fans. He really does seem to enjoy it. But with that said, he does appear to not really respect much in general, lol...especially some guy he's getting ready to fight.

HandyDarsh site profile image  

7/18/14 10:09 PM by HandyDarsh

He speaks his mind and he is not more disrespectful than some people on this forum

Herman Munster site profile image  

7/18/14 10:06 PM by Herman Munster

McCall is disrespectful in general. Hilarious hearing him talk shit on Rory Mac. McCall can only be so fortunate to never fight someone like Rory. Hopefully Pickett puts it on him.

Hecklah site profile image  

7/18/14 9:37 PM by Hecklah

I don't believe that, Creepy is all class and stache!

my dixie wrecked site profile image  

7/18/14 9:29 PM by my dixie wrecked

He will do after Brad wins.

rkm456 site profile image  

7/18/14 9:24 PM by rkm456

We'll all respect you more if you stop wearing that hat.