Barnatt wants to retire Wanderlei Silva


Luke Barnatt is only 3-1 in his short UFC career, but is calling for a fight with a mixed martial arts legend to raise his profile: Wanderlei Silva.

“The main reason is, obviously, Chael,” he said. “Me and Chael are very close. He’s going through a very tough time at the moment. People are saying I should distance myself from Chael, and that’s ridiculous.

“Me and him are close friends; he’s done a lot for me and a lot for the sport. I still believe in the guy, and he can’t fight Wanderlei, so I’m probably the best guy to replace him.”

“I’m playing the game, definitely,” Barnatt said. “It’s going to be a tough fight to get, but if I can get that fight and I can bring it to Europe or I can do it on a big stage, then it would be great for my career. Wanderlei’s finished, so they might as well use the juice he has to start somebody else’s career.”

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caseharts site profile image  

7/20/14 3:42 PM by caseharts

Of wand is an active fighter do you not expect people to want to fight him?

CaptChaos site profile image  

7/20/14 12:22 PM by CaptChaos

Luke does not deserve this fight I don't care how nice he is, he should show a little more respect towards Wand - a legend. When Wand started his mms career this kid was still wetting the bed. This guy is a tool.

PersianMMA site profile image  

7/19/14 12:16 PM by PersianMMA

Hahahahahahahahahah<br /><br />Didn't he just lose a fight to a UFC newcomer. Please, stop taking LSD

BeauTown site profile image  

7/19/14 9:17 AM by BeauTown

Smart move by luke! Calling out a name fighter is very smart! If he wins which is possible his name would be more well known! Much better than taking on no names

Winston Wolf site profile image  

7/19/14 8:54 AM by Winston Wolf

why not match the fight

JamesTheWelshDR site profile image  

7/19/14 6:56 AM by JamesTheWelshDR


Truemanc3 site profile image  

7/19/14 6:20 AM by Truemanc3

Im a big Wanderlei fan but Luke takes this imo.

caseharts site profile image  

7/19/14 6:14 AM by caseharts

Fan boy is strong here. Barnatt probably boxes him up but at this point in both their careers it's a good exciting fight.

caseharts site profile image  

7/19/14 6:13 AM by caseharts

Because realistically he's got a chance at fighting wand but not weidman

Brabo Ben site profile image  

7/19/14 6:09 AM by Brabo Ben

Wand via jardine'esque throat hold rape ko