Enson Inoue reveals PRIDE had steroid exclusion in contracts

by Chris Palmquist |

Performance enhancing drugs has been a hot button topic of late in mixed martial arts. Several high profile fighters have test positive for steroids, EOB, and/or performance enhancing drugs. This increased testing and subsequent increased rate of failure has been noticeable in the past few years, but hard core fans have long believed certain athletes have always abused drugs to gain an unfair advantage. Specifically questions about the PRIDE organization have tainted the careers of some of it's most notable athletes.

Today on his Facebook page, former PRIDE fighter and Japanese legend Enson Inoue posted an except from a PRIDE contract, outlining that steroids were indeed not an issue for fighting in that organization:

Illegal Use of Narcoties: Fighter agrees to be test, immediately following the fight of each event, to confirm the freedom from use of marijuana, cocaine, heroin and barbiturates. Should the test result be positive, then, Fighter shall forfeit all amounts payable under this Agreement. Performance enhancing stimulants of steroid based family are specifically excluded from the scope of the test.

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Recent Comments »

biva site profile image  

7/23/14 2:37 PM by biva

No, it doesn't even the playing field! It..........fuck it, I'm bored of this.

EckY site profile image  

7/23/14 12:44 PM by EckY

I cant see a problem with an even playing field.

Wasa-B site profile image  

7/23/14 12:42 PM by Wasa-B

I agree with you somewhat but on the other hand, "point fighting" has, does and always will exist in MMA and sport period (Pride included). Its just playing to win. Its not always about and not always possible to get the finish. I think people gloss over and exaggerate about everyone fighting for "budo" and everyone always trying to finish and also forget the level of the game is higher now and everyone is more trained and educated in everything and less so back in the day.Yes, the cage does stifle the action but there were also stalemates and stale action in Pride too.

Wasa-B site profile image  

7/23/14 12:39 PM by Wasa-B

The crazy maniac thing is because of a couple reasons aside from PEDs imo (not saying that wasnt a factor as well):- Not everyone fought crazy maniac and most or all of the top guys were still skilled, strategic, etc- You have to keep in mind that this was a lifetime ago in terms of the state of the game, it was more open back then and the actual level of the game is way more level and higher now- But there were still boring and stalemate fights in Pride, people are just glossing this over with nostalgia and also to just add more ammo to their Dana/Zuffa hate

Non N00B site profile image  

7/23/14 3:13 AM by Non N00B

The crazy maniac style of fighting was likely because people didnt want to get yellow carded, people werent as worried about getting cut, you didnt have to worry about being stuck against a cage and laid on for an entire round, and there werent camps dedicated specifically to point fighting to the degree there are today.

Enson Yamato Inoue site profile image  

7/23/14 2:40 AM by Enson Yamato Inoue

That specific contract was for Pride 10 and the Pride Grand Prix 2000

time traveling 12er site profile image  

7/22/14 11:21 PM by time traveling 12er

My point was that modern PED use is no comparison to in-writing free pass to use them. Like I said there is a huge difference in people cycling and being clean by fight night to being able to be on whatever you want whenever you want.No one is arguing that it was unfair to the guys in Pride that this was in contracts. Obviously when everyone is free to use PED's they're all on a level playing field. The problem is when people compare modern MMA to Pride and they come away wondering why modern fighters can't be the crazy maniacs that they remember in Pride. They think it comes down to management and Budo, when it was really more likely a free pass on PED's and fight fixing. It's a similar problem when Pro-wrestling fans cross over to MMA. They have different expectations on how things with go and how the athletes will perform. They expect every tiny thing to be controlled by one nefarious figure they can aim all their hate at.

JimmersonzGlove site profile image  

7/22/14 1:49 PM by JimmersonzGlove

Enson...sorry if this has already been covered but do you remember which event that contract was from? Thanks for posting.

Enson Yamato Inoue site profile image  

7/22/14 1:32 PM by Enson Yamato Inoue

Right on!

Non N00B site profile image  

7/21/14 5:00 PM by Non N00B

The point you are missing is....it's a level playing field to a degree regardless. The only difference is the testing. Fighters are going to take stuff, do you think anybody that failed a drug test had ONLY used that time that they failed the test?