Troeng: 'It's good that [Sonnen] retired'


"It's always sad when someone chooses to cheat. I don't know the whole story, and what substances he got caught with. I think it's good that Chael retired, it's good to just leave it now, but he's a good representative, and a good force for the sport."

Tor Troeng talks to the UG's Jonathan Shrager regarding various topics, including;

Fighting under the tutelage of Chael Sonnen on TUF 17, and insight into "The Gangster from West Linn."

-His opinions on Chael's recent tribulations.

-Whether he applies any of his scientific skills into mixed martial arts.

-In light of his academic background, whether he concerns himself with the adverse effects of head trauma.

His opinions on the importance of employing a manager to overlook a fighter's career trajectory.

His UFC Dublin matchup versus Trevor Smith.

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BJJgod site profile image  

7/19/14 5:19 PM by BJJgod

Good representative and good for the sport? The guy pissed hot three times.

Smellde Gluve site profile image  

7/19/14 12:25 PM by Smellde Gluve

YAY for TOR and YAY for UG interviews.   Didn't watch but I like the idea of it.