Twitter reacts to McGregor over Brandao


Conor McGregor promised a first round KO of Diego Brandao, and so it came to pass, at 4:05. The crowd at the O2 arena erupted like Guinness announced free beer for life, and Twitter reacted.

Cristiano Ronaldo ‏@CRonaldoArabia
UFC star Conor McGregor wore a pair of blue #CR7Underwear today in his fight vs Diego Brandao.

 Spilled Bag of Ice ‏@spilledbagofice
Conor McGregor needs to stop being SO humble & shy if he ever wants anyone to pay attention to him.

 Seán Sheehan @SeanSheehanBA
Main event time. If you're standing outside the 02 I suggest you move. The roof is about to blow off.

 JJ @johnjoeoregan
You have never heard a crowd as loud as what is about to happen right now when Conor McGregor walks in.

 Ben Fowlkes @benfowlkesMMA
Conor McGregor walking out to the music of traditional Irish folk singer Notorious McB.I.G.

 Jeff Wagenheim SI @jeffwagenheim
"Every single seat was sold, and not one of them is being used right now." Nice line by @danhardymma during @TheNotoriousMMA walkout.

 Evy Rodrigues @vevyrodrigues
ahahah Diego is doing burpees inside the cage!

 Kenny Florian @kennyflorian
The aggressiveness that makes #Brandao dangerous can be the very same thing that leads to his downfall against #McGregor #UFCDublin

 Will Metcalfe @Will__Metcalfe
McGregor showing his lack of class again as he fakes a customary touch of gloves and goes for a sneak body kick!

 Joe Lauzon @JoeLauzon
What a piece of s---.

 Gareth A Davies @GarethADaviesDT
And with the lights dimmed for @TheNotoriousMMA #ufcdublin for me McGregor wins by 2nd round TKO

 JJ @johnjoeoregan
Holy s--- the crowd went off. They are literally all throwing their beers up in the air and all over each other and the cage in celebration

 Seán Sheehan @SeanSheehanBA
•I'm COVERED in beer.
•I'm 18 rows back and was literally soaked in beer.

 Luke Thomas @SBNLukeThomas
The Irish can't high five each other because they're all double fisting. Hilarious.

Damon Martin ‏@DamonMartin
I think Conor McGregor beats a lot of top 10 FW's. Frankie Edgar - great boxing, wrestling, can't get in his head. That's a very hard fight.

 Cub Swanson @CubSwanson
When he's not talking crap about me, I kinda like the kid lol

"It was a clean sweep for the Irish... We are not here to take part, we are here to take over." - Conor McGregor

Sean Shelby ‏@seanshelby
To see how far Irish MMA has come in 5 years is astounding. Well done Ireland. Well done.

 Danny O'Dwyer ‏@dannyodwyer
The UFC belongs to Ireland today. Amazing. Biggest audience in Fight Card history. Biggest pre-lims too. All thanks to @TheNotoriousMMA

 Jeremy Botter @jeremybotter
Yep. That guy is the first true UFC featherweight star.

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ShawnTheBadger site profile image  

7/20/14 2:34 PM by ShawnTheBadger

Joe Lauzon is a big enough man to admit and publically address a mistake.  Respect.  

CaptChaos site profile image  

7/20/14 2:11 PM by CaptChaos

Lauzon shows everyone that you don't have to be a big talker to be well liked. It's all how you handle stuff.

time traveling 12er site profile image  

7/20/14 5:43 AM by time traveling 12er

It was amicable. I think you can see Brandao waving off the glove touch and smiling before the fight started. Neither were putting their hands up to glove tap, the just both had their hands up for their stance.

3 Sided Square site profile image  

7/19/14 10:38 PM by 3 Sided Square

You don't threaten to headbutt a guy at the weigh ins after threatening to stab your previous opponent and expect a glove touch.

Milk Machine site profile image  

7/19/14 10:07 PM by Milk Machine


House Boru site profile image  

7/19/14 10:00 PM by House Boru

wow joe

CrazyPope site profile image  

7/19/14 9:56 PM by CrazyPope

Joe Lauzon ?@JoeLauzon 6mI tweeted "piece of shit" about the spinning back kick off the glove touch... But then I rewatched and take it back. My bad.

bopelini site profile image  

7/19/14 9:43 PM by bopelini

I thought so too at first and it pissed me off, but if you watch it again he didn't fake the glove touch. He just came out in a weird fighting stance. It sucks that because of it people think it was a cheap shot.

chaplinshouse site profile image  

7/19/14 9:01 PM by chaplinshouse

Joe Lau giving no fucks! agreed it was a scumbag move

letsgobois site profile image  

7/19/14 8:43 PM by letsgobois

No way they put him against Frankie. What a way to kill your star, Poirier is next.