Could the UFC sign Tyrone Spong?


Top kickboxer Tyrone Spong fought once for the World Series of Martial Arts in 2012 and once in 2013, winning both times. He was last seen in the light heavyweight championship tournament final of Glory 15 in April, losing to Turkey's Gökhan Saki via gruesome leg break.

Spong showed up at Saturday's UFC Fight Night 46, and apparently told UFC president Dana White he wants in to the Octagon.

“Every fighter in the UFC wants to fight in Ireland," said White as transcribed by Sherdog. "I've got Tyrone Spong back here telling me, ‘Sign me for one fight, I want to fight in the UFC.'"

The Surinamese-Dutch Blackzilian then tweeted, and then retweeted dozens of fan posts.

 TyroneSpong @Tyrone_spong
I f---ing need to fight in Ireland bolox!!

Retweeted by TyroneSpong

 Kinch @KinchMMA
@danawhite just hinted at signing @Tyrone_spong!!!! Holy crap!!

 IG: blackzilins @yungluv069
Yes @danawhite mentioned @Tyrone_spong Please sigh for him for the love of everything holy sign him you will not regret it!

 Jake Edward @Jake_Edward_
@Tyrone_spong is a must have in the @UFC he'll definitely add some fireworks to the LHW division, been saying it for a long time.

 Kyle Deragon @Dragonitus 
@FloydMayweather @Tyrone_spong this is simply put THE best fighter in the world in any combat at his weight. Please sign him and I'll match!

 Tony Navalha Dunne @tonyrazor 
@Tyrone_spong bro I'd kill to see you on a @ufc card in Dublin! #killer

 Michael Cohn @BadmanShark 
Seems UFC is ready to wipe out their 205 division with the king of the ring @Tyrone_spong

 IG: blackzilins @yungluv069 
@Tyrone_spong is the fighter that can beat Jon Jones I'm willing to put money on it!

Spong is currently signed with the WSoF, but if the UFC wants him, doubtless an accomodation could be worked out.


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Bry Bry site profile image  

7/22/14 10:17 AM by Bry Bry

tbh Spong hasnt exactly looked like a world beater in WSOF...hes done ok but nothing the Ufc at 205 he would be crushed by grapplers..

BurnMyEyes site profile image  

7/22/14 8:15 AM by BurnMyEyes

glory might have canceled to make other plans with the ufc for fight pass.Spong hanging with dana and asking for a fight is weird.Dana also had nice things to say about spike.

Galanis site profile image  

7/22/14 7:58 AM by Galanis

Why did GLORY cancel their Chicago show? That's bad news...

Morpheus1976 site profile image  

7/21/14 7:42 PM by Morpheus1976

GLORY canceled their next show

Nexuscrawlers site profile image  

7/21/14 9:32 AM by Nexuscrawlers

^^Thanks Hans,Makes total sense now.

HansVarBurgers site profile image  

7/21/14 7:29 AM by HansVarBurgers

From Lar Bynres Facebook page:Happy to say I was right in the middle of this Conversation. I turn to Tyrone... "bet you've never had this before".. he said "I fucking love this, I want this, I fucking want to fight in Ireland.... where's fucking Dana?" We go over to Dana... 3 of us standing at the Cage... Tyrone: "You want me to fight for you! I'll tell you what... I'll sign a one fight contract.. I'll fight whoever the fuck you want me to fight... but its got to be in Ireland.. thats the deal, I fucking want this" (points at the fans)Dana White: "Yeah? you really want it?" Tyrone: "I'm fucking fighting in Ireland.. I don't care if it's karate, boxing, kickboxing, sumo wrestling, MMA or fucking cock fighting..get your people to call my people Monday!" I ask Dana "you think it'll happen??' Dana: "Why not?, anythings possible". I turn to Tyrone and ask "You really gonna do this?" Tyrone "Fuck yeah I'm gonna do it" Dana was loving it. We went out back and he start saying the same to all the reporters. Loving the Irish

JohnMc1 site profile image  

7/21/14 7:03 AM by JohnMc1

The PPV bombed because there was virtually no advertisement for it. They have always either sucked at it or have just been lazy. This goes all the way back to their days as The National Network [don't know how they were during The Nashville Network days but considering they just just played Country-Western Music videos and Dukes of Hazard episodes during that time I doubt they had to work too hard]I hope GLORY eventually finds a network that will support them and advertise their events.

Nexuscrawlers site profile image  

7/21/14 6:45 AM by Nexuscrawlers

i dont see him fighting for any MMA promotion that would make him stop competing at kickboxing. unless they payed him A LOT

Morpheus1976 site profile image  

7/21/14 6:28 AM by Morpheus1976

yeah, he is in it to make money, not to lose money.

ilfirin site profile image  

7/21/14 5:52 AM by ilfirin

I'd love to see him in the UFC.