Cole Miller: Fans have been spoon fed McGregor by the UFC

by Kirik Jenness |

UFC featherweight Cole Miller recently appeared on Sherdog Radio, following Conor McGregor's win over Diego Brandao at UFC Fight Night 45 in Dublin, Ireland. McGregor won in the first, and said he had a vision of winning the belt this year. Miller, who had been scheduled to fight McGregor but broke his had, is not buying into the hype.

"I thought he looked pretty solid," said Miller as transcribed by David St. Martin for MMAFighting. "It's pretty easy to look good when everything's made for you to look good. He got to fight in his home town with all those people there supporting him. He got a full camp of preparation when his opponent didn't.

"I don't think anyone can really judge Diego. He got in there and like I said, he didn't get his full camp."

"I think when these people are spoon-fed what their opinions should be they start saying the same stuff they've already been hearing from the UFC and the brass."

"Absolutely, I think [the UFC is] behind [McGregor]. I don't think that he's a bad thing. I'm not saying he's great for the sport but he's probably pretty good for the division. I don't think Jose Aldo is that big of a draw amongst the fighters. Everyone's always looking for the gold and he's the best, but I don't get a good vibe from fans. Nobody really wants to watch Aldo fight."

"I think that Conor is good for the weight class. People like him or they don't like him. Whether they're going to repeat what Dana's already said about him or whether they're going to develop their own opinion. Like you said, you don't think he's ready for a top five contender yet. I think that's coming from an educated person who's been involved in mixed martial arts for over a decade, but these fans are already talking about whether he is or not. That's something we've never seen before.

"I did see something where Dana said Conor reminds him of Ronda Rousey. That's a pretty bold statement. I told my brother they're both blond. That must be it."

Dustin Poirier called out McGregor post fight. Although there has been no confirmation from the UFC, McGregor accepted. Miller says McGregor doesn't deserve a fight with Poirier yet.

"I think Poirier's been working real hard and doing some real impressive things in the division," said Miller. "I think he's ready for a Frankie Edgar or Swanson or Mendes. [UFC] is obviously trying to build the McGregor fight and I don't think he deserves it, but I don't think he deserves a lot of things he's gotten."

McGregor's performance at UFN 46 was undeniably electric, and has been referred to as the birth of the featherweight division's first star, but Miller feels a lot of that was due to the hometown crowd, and won't fly worldwide.

"Definitely not," he said. "In the post-fight speech there was stuff I couldn't hear. Not because I couldn't understand him but because the crowd was so loud. If he were over here the crowd wouldn't have been into it like it was. The walkout, the lights going black, the Irish flag popping up. That wouldn't have been able to be replicated over here."

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VanCity_KO site profile image  

7/23/14 9:59 PM by VanCity_KO

UFC Fans: Cole Miller is now irrelevant in any conversation involving McGregor. If Cole is lucky, he'll get a FightPass prelim on Sept 27th against Guida after Guida gets discarded this Sat, and Guida beats Cole out of pure desperation of keeping his job. Look forward to looking back at this post on Sept 28th

I Came I Saw I Lurked site profile image  

7/23/14 10:15 AM by I Came I Saw I Lurked

conor looked amazing so far. brimage was doing well before conor destroyed him. He tooled max on the feet and the ground (max is pretty damn good on the feet), and he then blitzed a dangerous diego. Him vs dustin will be awesome

ilikeyou site profile image  

7/23/14 10:08 AM by ilikeyou

So any Irish fighter would have gotten that ovation???Makes sense

Fedoral Crime site profile image  

7/23/14 3:41 AM by Fedoral Crime

Lucky for Cole the UFC covers health insurance. His Whaaambulance fees alone must be staggering

Res ipsa loquitar site profile image  

7/23/14 1:51 AM by Res ipsa loquitar

Spoon fed? yes we have and all I can say is delicious delicious violence.

Stea1th site profile image  

7/23/14 1:46 AM by Stea1th

  not the first time we've seen him cry about something.   Back in January, trying to same song and dance. 

I LOVE DIAZ  (no homo) site profile image  

7/23/14 1:41 AM by I LOVE DIAZ (no homo)

lots of us saw him in cage warriors and read about him for a year before he was in the ufc.we knew he was good the ufc didn't need to tell us, we told them.

steveAKAslick site profile image  

7/23/14 1:34 AM by steveAKAslick

Seems like a lot of sour grapes on Miller's parts and maybe a hint of Conor or not the guy is talented, has personality and the ability to be champ at 145...his hype is warranted because he's held belts in other organizations in two different weight classes...I really wish they would go ahead and remake the fight so Miller could attempt to back up his words...I don't think anyone has ever said that Aldo is a boring fighter also, if anything most are super pumped to see him fight on a card....and does Miller not know that Poirer has already lost to Swanson?

Bobby Lupo site profile image  

7/23/14 1:05 AM by Bobby Lupo

1/4 of all televisions In Ireland were watching the Conor fight. That crowd from Dublin will fly to Vegas. The Irish support their fighters Dana will finally get his Ricky Hatton

Hecklah site profile image  

7/22/14 8:05 PM by Hecklah

Cole would have lost but givin' McConor fits.