Barboza wants Cerrone rematch


Edson Barboza is only one win removed from a first round submission loss to Donald Cerrone, but with a win over Evan Dunham is eyeing a quick rematch:

"My goal is to fight the best," Barboza told "Every time I fight I feel more prepared. After my fight with Cerrone, I realized I’m at their same level. I can easily fight anyone (at the top 10). I want a well-ranked opponent, and I will be ready. If I do my game, I can beat anyone.

"I want to test myself against anyone ahead of me in the rankings, especially Cerrone. If they give me another fight with him, the result will be completely different."

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Recent Comments »

Bomba Tomba site profile image  

7/23/14 11:51 PM by Bomba Tomba

Yet you're interested in a dos Anjos rematch?  At least Barboza had his moments in the Cerrone fight.... Cowboy got dominated by dos Anjos!

wizekraker owns me, it's not normal site profile image  

7/23/14 11:45 PM by wizekraker owns me, it's not normal

Maybe after a few more fights. He looked to be taking that fight before he got dropped by a jab and choked the fuck out.i would be interested in a rematch but not yet.

raf_269 site profile image  

7/23/14 11:41 PM by raf_269

Tired of rematches. Makes no sense for Cowboy either. Maybe later on down the line again.

jpm995 site profile image  

7/23/14 11:29 PM by jpm995

I would love to see the rematch, but Cerrone won't take it, it a no win situation for him.

jasonhightower site profile image  

7/23/14 9:48 PM by jasonhightower

I think it's time to make Nate happy and lineup that rematch.

Zeph site profile image  

7/23/14 7:27 PM by Zeph

No problem seeing them fight again in the future. But surely not yet, it's not fair to Cerrone to make him fight someone he beat again so quickly. There's a chance you'll lose any fight, let alone against a good striker like Barboza. It would be better to let him build on his win and aim for a title challenge, than to possibly lose the momentum he has in a rematch that isn't needed.

BeauTown site profile image  

7/23/14 7:14 PM by BeauTown

Cerrone won't care he just wants his pay check ! I would prefer to see cerrone fight someone else though Mabey winner of Thompson/johnsob

12ealdeal site profile image  

7/23/14 6:40 PM by 12ealdeal

Love Cerrone but I agree.Edson turned the heat on out the gate, and brought it up until that one punch Cerrone stunned him with.But that's the nature of the sport. Shit turns on a dime.

JROTT site profile image  

7/23/14 5:58 PM by JROTT

Oh fuck, now I remember.. It wasn't even a big shot too.. A well placed jab iirc

vidals site profile image  

7/23/14 5:49 PM by vidals

yeeeesss plz !