Couture: Immediate Rousey vs. Carano is silly


Recently UFC President Dana White has spoken openly about hoping to sign Gina Carano and have her face Ronda Rousey in an immediate title fight. Although it's a fight most fans want to see, and media alike, former UFC champion and Carano's former coach Randy Couture believes it is a bad idea for Gina:

"I have not gotten a chance to talk to Gina and she hasn't really reached out to new me regarding that situation. I think she's as capable as any athlete that I've been around. Technically, it's a very interesting matchup; she's a very, very good striker. We've not really seen Ronda Rousey face a solid striker like Gian Carano. I think if Gina had an achilles heel, even when she was at her peak over five years ago, it was the grappling side of things. So, my sincere hope is that they give her a chance to get up to speed, get back into top fight shape and really kind of up her grappling technique and that side of her game. Then it would be an amazing fight.

I think it's silly, it'd be silly for Gina. I think Gina has way more to lose there than she has to gain in stepping right in to a title fight after being off and off the mats in training environment for five years. And frankly she's done a great job in her movie career, I don't know why she would want to do that. I think if they give her a chance to get her feet back under her and get back up to technical speed where she was, it woudl be a very interesting fight."

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Decimated site profile image  

8/7/14 10:44 PM by Decimated

I think alot of people who bought the bootleg Haywire DVD for $2 from the chinese lady at their local laundromat will think that a "that girl" from years ago is now trying her hand at fighting, instead of the other way around as it really happened.

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8/7/14 10:42 PM by Decimated

I think you're on to something. Because so much on the line for Gina, a lot of people might NOT want to watch the fight.   Why?? It'll be so uncomfortable to see Carano, the Great Auntie of WMMA, get bent into a pretzel, or worse, beaten at her own stand-up striking game by Ronda Rousey.   They're not even unfriendly rivals, which is what made the Ronda / Miesha Tate fights so compelling.  A lot of us are put off by the fact that Hollywood lawyers - scum of  the earth - are the prime force in this negotiation.

ChaosOverkill site profile image  

8/6/14 5:51 PM by ChaosOverkill

  There was multiple divisions in the UFC at the time. Not just one flagship belt and champion. Womens 115 isn't established yet.   Yes, you affect a sport worse when there's on division with weak fights, than one in a list of 5.  

Steve4192 site profile image  

8/6/14 5:27 PM by Steve4192

Royce Gracie hadn't been in the UFC for over a decade when they brought him back to face Matt Hughes. I don't recall anyone crying about how that was a terrible thing for men's MMA or that it reflected poorly on the welterweight division. It was a one-off 'fantasy fight' to see if the 'old school' could still hang with the 'new school'. Rousey-Carano is the same thing. It's a one-off fantasy fight between the old school 'face of WMMA' versus the new school 'face of WMMA'. Hughes-Gracie was the biggest selling PPV of all-time (at the time). Who can blame Zuffa for trying to capture that lightning in a bottle one more time.

Steve4192 site profile image  

8/6/14 5:17 PM by Steve4192

Lorenzo isn't 'throwing' Gina into anything. Gina is throwing herself into this fight. She doesn't have any interest in fighting a bunch of chicks who are anonymous to all but the WMMA hardcores. She wants a one-and-done fight with the biggest name in the sport. If Gina wanted more than one fight, I'm sure the UFC would be ecstatic to sign her up for more than one fight. But she has no interest in 'working her way up'. She wants one big payday and then to get back to her acting career.If you want to blame someone, blame Gina.

sacredhate site profile image  

8/6/14 11:13 AM by sacredhate

It's a terrible thing for WMMA if anyone actually cared about it being a real viable thing.Basically, the UFC is saying that the marquee WMMA division talent pool is so weak and uninteresting that the best fight for the champ is against a retired fighter that hasn't been training or in a cage for 5+ years.

Dreville79 site profile image  

8/6/14 10:53 AM by Dreville79

Although it is silly, it's he only viable fight for Gina. Probably all of the Women's top 10 would finish Gina with ease at this point, thus destroying a fight with Rousey. Give her Rousey first and Tate and Zingano will be waiting for a couple more big fights if she wants them

Lite site profile image  

8/6/14 10:37 AM by Lite

The big paycheck makes sense only if she's given up in acting, because RR will beat her easily and that will kill future opportunities.

BRZ site profile image  

8/6/14 9:26 AM by BRZ

The purpose of this fight is to make money. The casual fans won't care about Carano's ranking or has fought in 5 years. Mike Tyson could fight next Sat on PPV and people would still buy it not a million buys, but still would get buys.

Jweinberg site profile image  

8/6/14 7:50 AM by Jweinberg