59% of ESPN fans believe Cormier/Jones brawl was staged

by Chris Palmquist |

On Monday at a media press conference for UFC 178, UFC champion Jon Jones and challenger Daniel Cormier got into a serious altercation. The two approached each other on stage to square off for the cameras and Jones moved his fore head into Cormier's, who responded with an upward shove.

Jones responded by pushing UFC public relations head Dave Sholler out of the way and throwing a big punch at Cormier. Both tumbled to the ground Jones can be seen throwing punches from the top with Cormier punching back from the bottom. The scuffle was broken up by security and UFC staff and Jones returned to the stage to howl at the audience.

Both athletes appeared on ESPN shortly thereafter to discuss the brawl and continue their verbal taunting and the UFC later released a statement revealing that the incident would end with ramifications for both athletes. The Nevada State Athletic Commission also requested a copy of the video to investigate.

Whether or not you feel like like the brawl was bad for the sport, it certainly raised the profile of the fight and will likely now produce more PPVs. That said, is it possible the event was staged by the UFC for publicity? Not likely, but a recent poll on ESPN.com showed that a fair amount of their fans believe that could be the case:


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JohnMc1 site profile image  

8/9/14 3:20 PM by JohnMc1

Is it really surprising considering how many elements from Pro Wrestling Zuffa has incorporated into building the UFC.

TexDeuce site profile image  

8/9/14 12:49 PM by TexDeuce

The guy a clearly and idiot. That hasn't changed. However even a fool can redeem himself and he deserves respect for changing his mind and eating crow. It is unbelievable it took a hot mic for him to see it but some people are slower than others. He gets a VU from me for owning it.

Game of Jones site profile image  

8/9/14 7:19 AM by Game of Jones

How's the fence that you sit on?

Game of Jones site profile image  

8/9/14 7:09 AM by Game of Jones

He had bumps and a fkd tooth

I Wild Each It site profile image  

8/8/14 10:10 PM by I Wild Each It

I'll be honest. I thought you were one of the biggest idiots on this board, when you adamantly suggested this was staged, and argued with people for days about it. But you came back in this thread, manned up and admitted you were wrong...instead of dick tucking. This is the way it supposed to be done, so you get my one VU for the day.

explodin site profile image  

8/8/14 9:38 PM by explodin

I just saw the hot mic video of the two of them and Ive changed my mind... I think I was wrong. I believe it was legit.

I Wild Each It site profile image  

8/8/14 5:44 PM by I Wild Each It


Fed site profile image  

8/7/14 1:03 AM by Fed

this is still trueits just sad some of those people in the other % post in this very thread lol

Bisping decisioned my SN site profile image  

8/7/14 12:35 AM by Bisping decisioned my SN

Punked fuck auto correct

Bisping decisioned my SN site profile image  

8/7/14 12:34 AM by Bisping decisioned my SN

You have to be kidding me. You can't see jones punches landing because of all the people around them and everyone trying to pull them off. Jons also not going to beat him senseless once he has Cormier in a submissive position. He just wasn't going to get pinked in front of everyone. You think jones should have continued to drop bombs after he already made his point in front of all those fans. He would be criticized even worse