Penn: I would never hire Dolce again


Last month BJ Penn dropped down to featherweight to fight Frankie Edgar for the third time. Edgar TKO'd Penn in the third round and the fight was arguably one of Penn's worst in the Octagon. Penn today gave his first interview since the fight, speaking on what went wrong, including working on his diet and weight cut wit Mike Dolce:

What was your overall experience in working with Mike Dolce for the weight cut and nutrition?

“As far as Mike Dolce goes; I would never hire him again for anything.”

Would you like to elaborate?

 “No, that’s it. Next question.”

The subject quickly shifted and BJ was then asked the golden question that many fans have been pondering for the last month:
BJ, are you going to stay retired?

“I think I should stay retired. One thing I know is that I put a lot of effort, a lot of energy into this camp. I trained for the last year to do this camp, to do this fight, and one thing at my age…I love training, I was looking to do five fights, but now that I look back and I’ve fought the last four or five times without any reward and staying in training camps and waiting for all these young kids to come in and spar with me; the Dominick Cruzes, the Nik Lentzes. You know? I just sit around for hours on end waiting for them to come in and spar with me and punch me in my face. And not that I don’t hold my own but I’m getting very burnt-out, very exhausted, and very discouraged to not have my hand raised, to not have a smile on my face after the fight, and it’s been a long road and a long fight. If you saw me spar in the gym or workout with any of these guys you would say, ‘man, this guy should be fighting everybody.’ But after the last few fights I’m kind of getting tired.”

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HardWorkPersonalAccountability site profile image  

8/9/14 9:27 PM by HardWorkPersonalAccountability

if BJ was pissing and shitting the whole day before the weigh-in, then either BJ cheated on the diet and sneaked in extra salt or his body holds more water than the average persondid Dolce do a hydration test before the cut so he can make the proper adjustments for BJ or did he just assume BJ is like everyone else and stick to the same plan?

JFC1001 site profile image  

8/9/14 9:19 PM by JFC1001

I think that the whole Dolce bashing has been done to death and for good reason I might add. The man clearly has made a lot of money off something which is quite simple for the average person to understand and that is awesome.You mix a decent clean diet with some moderate exercise for a prolonged period of time and you will stop being fat. His integrity is under question however when he bangs on about no supplements and clean food when "his athletes" are busted for PED's and then he is emblazened with Onnit for their commercials and website.I'm not knocking the guy at all as he is a success and that should be applauded. You must understand however that his books are substandard and low on quality and information, his ability to communicate information is very bad and he is employed as a contractor for a large well funded organization to assist with the nutritional requirements for some of their athletes.MMA Trainer of the year?. Come on. I know 10 personal trainers that have forgotten more about diet and exercise than that guy knows.Here is a link to the book....... and please buy cutting edge fitness program UFC Fit ..... Blah blah

1oldfart site profile image  

8/9/14 11:28 AM by 1oldfart

what did he have to do with that horrible stand up?

Maldini2706 site profile image  

8/9/14 11:15 AM by Maldini2706

What the f*ck are you talking about?

Coconut Pete site profile image  

8/9/14 8:48 AM by Coconut Pete

In for Dolce response

albinorhino site profile image  

8/9/14 8:37 AM by albinorhino

Strict diet 6000 calories = diarrhea and vomitingWhy is this hard to understand?I'm no fighter, but I do go to a lot of concerts. I stand in the front for hours without moving. I watch what I eat the day of a show. Last thing I ever want to happen is to have to shit at a shit hole venue. Now after the show I always get Wendy's on the drive home.

lilmanster site profile image  

8/9/14 7:03 AM by lilmanster

This. One of his claims is that you will never have to track calories while using his approach but in his messages to Troy he talked as if he had caloric limits for penn. Any diet that claims that calories don't matter are always kind of shady to me.

brigsy site profile image  

8/9/14 4:59 AM by brigsy

Have to agree re the podcast. He NEVER answers a question with an actual detailed answer. Very frustrating. Have up listening. He also seems to know exactly what calories his fighters are on when he needs to defend his diet.

brigsy site profile image  

8/9/14 4:59 AM by brigsy


Bingo'ed in Brazil site profile image  

8/9/14 3:03 AM by Bingo'ed in Brazil

Including dolce book