Nijem stands up as a proud Palestinian


Although MMA is an individual sport, fans support fighters with the same nationality with a ferocity on par with any other professional sport. Americans, Canadians, and Brazilians especially root for their fighters with vigor. Ramsey Nijem is the only UFC athlete to represent Palestine and despite the conflict in his home country, is as proud as any fighter to represent it:

For UFC lightweight Ramsey Nijem, the conflict between Israel and Hamas forces in the Gaza Strip, which has killed more than 1,800 Palestinians since the violence erupted several weeks ago, hits close to home as he prepares to carry his country's flag into the Octagon at UFC 177.

Nijem has aunts, uncles and cousins living in the ravaged country of Palestine, and for those family members it's just an everyday reality to wake up to alarms wailing in the night with just seconds to scramble until a bomb explodes overhead.
"It's been really hard and it's been weighing really heavy on me and my family.

Yesterday my aunt's apartment building got blown up," the 26-year-old lightweight told FOX Sports. "Luckily she wasn't in there, she was at my other aunt's house with all my cousins so we're blessed right there, but some of the neighbors didn't get out. That's just a reality they live in.

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TheAsianAssassin site profile image  

8/13/14 1:37 AM by TheAsianAssassin

There are 1.8 million people in Gaza, another 5.2 in the West Bank. Israel is doing a shit job of "clearing out a sect"...because it would be like trying to empty a bucket with a straw...just come out and use the word genocide, at least fully commit to the ignorant statements. Honestly, the more dramatic you are the less people will listen to you. Is Israel doing a bad thing? If you lived in Israel under rocket fire you wouldn't think so. You'd want the rockets to stop so you can go to work, and resume a normal life. What would you do if someone was firing a gun at your family with a child on their lap? This is Hamas plan to make Israel look like child killers to build support for their crumbling organization. The Gazan people did not support Hamas before this crisis. Hamas can manipulate human emotions so well because they don't care about human life. It's well documented, Hamas is a really problem and regardless of how you feel about Israel if you can't recognize Hamas role instigating the violence then your hate is blind. The fact you're throwing around the idea of genocide show You're just angry and are doing your best to simply and make sense of a very complicated issue. Here is a simple truth: The world loves to hate Jews. I stand by my statement: The Western world doesn't care about dead Muslims unless a Jew had something to do with it, even in defense.

TheAsianAssassin site profile image  

8/13/14 1:16 AM by TheAsianAssassin

Genocide is what Isis is trying to do to the Yazidi people. Call genocide when Israel is defending itself, even if you feel it's overly aggressive, weakens your argument. If Israel is trying to commit genocide then they are doing a shit job. Less than one person killed per rocket fired and they are spending over $100,000k per Palestinian causality. Shit, Nazi's used to line-up six Jews head-to-head an kill them with one bullet. Israel must be real dumb. Oh and it wasn't all roses before Britain pulled out. Britain left because they couldn't contain the sectarian violence. The UN resolution was put in place to help resolve and protect Jews and Palestinians alike. Jew were happy to have something but they were not going to let Arabs exterminate them, which is exactly what they tried to do the day after the British withdrawal. Since 1948, The Palestinian leadership has repeated gambled trying to eradicate Israel then complained when they lost. They had their chance to kill all the Jews with The Arab League of Nations and they blew it. They tried time and time again to the same result. They (Hamas/leadership) are like the neighbor bully who goes around Picking a fight then runs home crying to mom (the UN) when he gets his ass kicked.

Kostakio site profile image  

8/12/14 10:42 PM by Kostakio

Voted up!

Nytron site profile image  

8/12/14 10:31 PM by Nytron

That is quite literally what we are seeing here. Randoms coming out of the woodwork to justify genocide. @pitbull, where he said: "You think the Palestinian people would be peaceful with Israel or Israelis if Israel let them totally roam free and do whatever they want? If you do then this conversation is over lol. Kill them all if they don't agree to the final ceasefire agreement."Yep, you are truly a close minded racist idiot. Who is "them"? Look back at Palestine pre-1948 before Britain messed the region up. Back then there was no "israel", it was a "come as you are" attitude with all three religions living in the region. This isn't like ancient history or anything, there's videos and pictures of all of it.

OblongBox site profile image  

8/12/14 7:44 PM by OblongBox     What does it say when you offer college students free scholarships to defend you online?

IGOTBELCHED site profile image  

8/12/14 6:55 PM by IGOTBELCHED

So your saying Israel are not doing a bad thing?The Arabs primary goal is to stop Iranian strength, hence they arm Isis with American weapons, who take Arab money, Iraqi's are predominately shia like Iranians, the last thing Arabs want is Iran and the peshmerga to gain popularity in Iraq, the Arabs and Americans want the power there so they kill everybody.Israel are clearly eliminating a sect of people, as are ISIS and the Taliban who are cleaning out religious sects in Iraq, one is called a "terrorist" the other is not, that is the problem, people are fighting ISIS no-one is fighting against the atrocities committed by Israel.

OblongBox site profile image  

8/12/14 6:52 PM by OblongBox

lol at the people in the West Bank aren't suffering. They're under apartheid and get their land and farms taken from them on a regular basis.

OblongBox site profile image  

8/12/14 6:51 PM by OblongBox

lol at Hamas killing civilians if they leave their house. Did you just make that up? Also lol at women have 4.25 children because Hamas grooms them to die. What a load of horseshit. Also, how has peaceful resistance worked out in the West Bank?

TheAsianAssassin site profile image  

8/12/14 6:48 PM by TheAsianAssassin

The vast majority of Palestinians are peaceful people. Look at the West Bank, they aren't suffering. The 1 million Arabs living in Israel aren't suffering, it's unfortunate that the people of Gaza are used as political pawns (and sacrificed as pawns) for the gain of the proxies like Turkey and Iran. This conflict goes so far beyond occupation. Many Arab countries look at Israel as a stain on the Arab map that needs to be wiped out. They can't attack directly (because they worked really well in the past) so they arm extremist who can remind the world they don't like Jews. From 2008-2012 America kill over 22,000 Iraqis, many women and children. Not nearly the outrage. The very sad truth is, the world does not care about dead Muslims unless it's by the hand of a Jew.

TheAsianAssassin site profile image  

8/12/14 6:41 PM by TheAsianAssassin

There is a reason most Indians, including my family, supports Israel, and that reason largely has to do with loving next to Pakistani wackos. I live in America now; Americans and Europeans are incredibly naive to what it's like to deal with political Islam (and that's putting it nicely), which is sad considering 9/11 and 7/7.