Metamoris 4 odds

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Metamoris 4, under the direction of Ralek Gracie, takes place on Saturday at 8:00 PM EST, live on Internet PPV. The submission only gi an no-gi matches are 20 minutes in length. No points are scored; if there is no submission, a draw is declared.


DRAW    +306

DRAW    +198

DRAW    -209

DRAW    -273

KIT DALE    +355
DRAW    -312

How Metamoris Odds Work

Unlike a spread on a football game where one team is getting a certain amount of points (ex. Saints +7), in grappling matches the line on the game is called a money line.

In this match, Galvao would be the favorite, meaning if you bet $1413 on Galvao and he wins, you would profit $100. If he were to lose though, you would lose the full $1413.

If you were to bet on Sonnen at +1424, if you bet $100 on Sonnen and he wins the fight, you will profit $1424. If Sonnen were to lose the fight, you would lose your original $100 bet.

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KidPittsburgh site profile image  

8/8/14 12:30 PM by KidPittsburgh

YW. Keenan's roots are deep, even for how young he is.His dad is Tom Callos, the guy who got BJ Penn into BJJ. Not that Callos is this huge name or anything, but when your dad was into BJJ that early, you're going to get a lot of good training from an early age. Keenan eventually went on to live/train in Hilo at BJ's, then a stint at TLI until finally ariving at ATOS with Andre Galvao where he got his black belt last Fall. All that into consideration, and he's exciting to watch.

Lick Boners site profile image  

8/8/14 12:26 PM by Lick Boners

Thanks, always nice to see prodigies like this in sports

KidPittsburgh site profile image  

8/8/14 12:03 PM by KidPittsburgh

Keenan is almost unreal. What IS unreal, however, is that he's only 22 and he keeps up with (and usually does better than) the best in the world. I predict he'll submit Vinny in/around the 8min mark.

1800champagne site profile image  

8/8/14 11:38 AM by 1800champagne

He was on the cover of BJJ magazines as a brown belt. He's that good.

Gspthegoat site profile image  

8/8/14 11:38 AM by Gspthegoat

Go to bodog. Takes 2 seconds to make a account and it takes about a week to get payouts depending on method

Team GDP site profile image  

8/8/14 11:31 AM by Team GDP

Lol at ug blog." How Metamoris Odds Work"But doesn't mention the fact that there can be draws.

TheImmortalStocktonSlap site profile image  

8/8/14 11:23 AM by TheImmortalStocktonSlap

Voted up, thank you.

NiteProwleR site profile image  

8/8/14 11:20 AM by NiteProwleR


albo2020 site profile image  

8/8/14 11:15 AM by albo2020


JimmersonzGlove site profile image  

8/8/14 11:07 AM by JimmersonzGlove

What site has odds?