Randy Couture: MMA market is a little saturated


During Randy's Couture career there was really on one biggest promotion in the US, the UFC. Lately however  several big shows have popped up and Couture believes the market may be a little saturated, which is a good things for the fighters:

"I think the market is maybe a little satured. It's hard to track where things are happening, where to find things. Unless one of my guys from the gym is fighting, I honestly don't get the chance or don't make a huge effort to tune in."

On the flip side, however, Couture takes a slightly different position when viewing things as a former fighter or on behalf of fighters themselves. The former UFC star says consumers might have a hard time with the content, but it's a fighters market out there and that's something that can't be overlooked.

"I've been to one or two World Series of Fighting shows," he said. "I think they're great. I think Ray [Sefo]'s doing a great job and they've got some great talent. I've been to three or four Bellator shows now and I really like the direction they're headed in. I'm excited. I think all those things, having all those other playing fields on the board here for mixed martial artists is great for the fighters.

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goodbetterben site profile image  

8/12/14 3:46 PM by goodbetterben

It isn't HIS agenda...that scarf he is always wearing runs the show now.

1oldfart site profile image  

8/11/14 5:33 PM by 1oldfart

it is in its infancy down here in s. america (minus brasil) open for ground floor ops like promotions, manage future talent, tuff show, clothing line etc. its a very similar situation as brasil where these kids would fight their hearts out to have a better opportunity. there is also a very large part of the population that has the money to support mma.i would love to see someone come here to colombia and get it really going.anybody interested i can help ya.tuff medellin season 1 ?????scott.hengehold@yahoo.com

TheRealRobinHood site profile image  

8/11/14 4:05 PM by TheRealRobinHood

Randy has gone full Hollywood.

R00STER site profile image  

8/11/14 3:46 PM by R00STER

I came here to say the same thing. I NEVER nitpick about that stuff but man this is ridiculous. Honestly most random posters use better grammar in an informal thread response than the UG does in their articles.

KZTT_FawkingxD site profile image  

8/11/14 3:38 PM by KZTT_FawkingxD

It's so saturated, so let's make a gym rescue show staring mma fighters

BirdWatcher site profile image  

8/11/14 2:58 PM by BirdWatcher

I concur.

Pitbull3744 site profile image  

8/11/14 2:50 PM by Pitbull3744

Honeslty Randy is getting a bit loco these days, im not sure what his agenda is.  

FTUGTT_Mix6APlix site profile image  

8/11/14 2:47 PM by FTUGTT_Mix6APlix

During Randy's Couture career there was really on one biggest promotion in the US, the UFCAre you fucking kidding me?! Fer fuck's sake, get someone who has English as a first language for the site. Jesus fucking christ.

TheVileOne site profile image  

8/11/14 2:43 PM by TheVileOne

He's the president of the company.

Chromium site profile image  

8/11/14 2:34 PM by Chromium

Slightly off-topic, but could someone remind me what Ray Sefo's role is at WSoF these days? I know he's supposed to be the promoter, but it seems like Ali Abdel-Aziz is handling all of that these days, and yet another person is the actual money behind things. The only thing I can remember Sefo doing in the last 5 months or whatever is wrapping belts around fighters after title fights.