Le defends new physique


Earlier this week an image surfaced of a shredded Cung Le, who looked to be in the best shape of his life. Detractors pointed to PEDs, but Le said the progress has been natural:

"I have a new personal trainer and he's really good with diets and I've been on it for a year," Le explained. "I thought the weight was going to shed off faster, but it took longer to get all the fat off. My last three fights in the UFC I wasn't as lean as I was normally and I wasn't lifting properly, because I was working around my injuries and now that I'm healthy, I was able to lift properly and push it a little bit harder than I normally do and I'm in the best shape of my life."

"If you take a look at my Instagram account I have a lot of posts about my workout and clips of me working out and why the workouts are working for me. I'm stronger than before. It would take forever for me to explain to you everything that I do, but you can definitely see it on my Instagram."

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Rumbler site profile image  

8/23/14 6:59 PM by Rumbler

How the fuck can I read about someone possible using PED's when not one fucking pic of him has been posted?

AgedCaviar site profile image  

8/23/14 1:06 PM by AgedCaviar

Should have defended his face, IMO.

John M site profile image  

8/23/14 11:03 AM by John M

That bacne tho.....

mancabbage site profile image  

8/23/14 11:01 AM by mancabbage

the size of his traps man, jesus

Forssberg site profile image  

8/23/14 10:52 AM by Forssberg

It's a f. joke and he's making a mockery of the UFC. Dana do something you hypocrite!

I_lov3_JUSTIN_BIEBER site profile image  

8/23/14 10:45 AM by I_lov3_JUSTIN_BIEBER

No just not educated on it. Don't really care too much to research it. Not big into the science of it.

sage77 site profile image  

8/23/14 9:19 AM by sage77

Are you really that naive?There are ways to beat the tests. See Conte interview on JRE

Vikingknee site profile image  

8/23/14 8:13 AM by Vikingknee

He looked lean but normal at weigh ins. Was just a perfect timing/lighting pic

I_lov3_JUSTIN_BIEBER site profile image  

8/23/14 8:06 AM by I_lov3_JUSTIN_BIEBER

If you guys are so certain, he will get popped in the testing 100%, then.I don't get why people who know they will be tested would still cheat. Just don't understand.

Devlin site profile image  

8/23/14 6:26 AM by Devlin

Didnt you hear bro? his new trainer did that for him.