White and Nate Diaz 'not even close' on return


Earlier this month when the return of Nick Diaz was announced by the UFC, many fans and media thought that little brother Nate Diaz would be close behind. Not so according to UFC President Dana White:

"I took everybody out for the TUF 20 finale. It was a very, very, very rough night. A lot of damage was done that night. But Nate and I got together that night and talked, and we're going to get together when I get back into the country. Physically it was a pretty crazy night. Crazy fun night. But Nate and I got to spend some quality time together. You know, we were out having fun, we talked business for a little while. We got together in a room, and where he is and where we are, we're not even close. He's just got something in his head and we've got something else in our head."

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JoeHurley site profile image  

8/24/14 9:41 AM by JoeHurley

Goodell doesnt negotiate contracts with players.Nfl players socialize and party with team owners often. Lighten up Francis.

MattyECB site profile image  

8/24/14 8:35 AM by MattyECB

Also really happy he kept the Nate stuff vague. I don't care how hardlined he gets with fighters, as long as he doesn't air the dirty laundry and shit on them in public -- I find it so much more respectable. It also just makes sense, as nice as applying public pressure may be, it's just sensible not to damage the public image of your roster when they may be headlining your card a few months from now, and God knows he helped fuel the Jones hate with the Sonnen shit. At least he's gotten smarter recently and bashed the managers (like Melendez' or Diaz') instead of the fighters themselves, but that still irks me a touch so this is a nice professional shift

MattyECB site profile image  

8/24/14 8:31 AM by MattyECB

Shame on you Ms. Beck, you know Dana's getting on in years and as much as he may love moshing at Metal concerts and makin it rain with Snoop, the poor bastard's just finally gotten his Meniere's under control. Having said that...Pics?Pleeeeaaase

MyGodThisMMA site profile image  

8/24/14 12:43 AM by MyGodThisMMA

Nate vs. Benson

pheonix5 site profile image  

8/24/14 12:40 AM by pheonix5


pheonix5 site profile image  

8/24/14 12:37 AM by pheonix5

He's spending that money on trying to get Carano.

RowdyBec site profile image  

8/24/14 12:29 AM by RowdyBec

Lol I like the part where he says it was very very very rough night ;) hahaha underestimated our partying abilities.

Jack Skellington site profile image  

8/23/14 10:56 PM by Jack Skellington

I'm just saying. The original rumor was Nate/Grant for the main event. And with Rory already booked on the show I just put them together. But the bottom line is Nate ISNT Nick & hasn't accomplished what his brother has in mma. The sooner he realizes that the better.

HandyDarsh site profile image  

8/23/14 10:10 PM by HandyDarsh

Who wants that rematch..?But yeah I know what you're saying and agree

Rambo John J site profile image  

8/23/14 10:10 PM by Rambo John J

"Blurring the lines creates issues with fighters viewing you as authority and it undermines any professionalism. "Professionalism left about when he thought he was gonna Box up TIto Ortiz. Since then it has been all downhill.