Manager not expecting Diaz to trash talk Silva


Nick Diaz is known for his outspoken personality and generally isn't shy to trash talk opponents ahead of bouts. However Anderson Silva's manager, Ed Soares, believes that Diaz won't trash talk Silva and instead take a different approach:

"I think he's prepared to deal with that, but I honestly believe that Nick Diaz is going to take a different approach. I don't think Nick Diaz has anything personal against Anderson Silva. I think Nick Diaz looks at Anderson Silva as a true, real martial art challenge and he believes he's got what it takes to be able to fight him. Most of the time Nick Diaz doesn't start off with the trash talking. It's normally somebody else that starts off with the trash talking and he kinda finishes it off. But Nick Diaz overall, I don't see him much as a guy that starts off talking trash."

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Recent Comments »

SOO72 site profile image  

8/26/14 4:51 AM by SOO72

He'll slap him and call him a Bitch. What happens when Anderson fights upset, does he get sloppy?

Intergalactic site profile image  

8/26/14 3:23 AM by Intergalactic

While it's very obvious that Nick has barely acceptable intelligence, even he has to know that he can do MMA three lifetimes over and he won't ever come close to what Anderson has achieved. Of course he's not gonna talk trash.

hendofanforlife(LMBBchamp!) site profile image  

8/26/14 1:01 AM by hendofanforlife(LMBBchamp!)

you mean stehpan bonnar who had never been knocked out before? that stephan bonnar? his other two tkos were cut stoppages.  i didnt say last 7 victories, i said last seven fights. lets count together here ill help gsp, decision loss condit, decision loss bj penn, decision win paul daley, tko win cyborg, sub win noons, decision win sakurai, sub win.  yeah, spider got flash KOd his last two, against chris fucking weidman! nick is no chris and never will be. if spider faced the list above, some of them would still be in the hospital today. dont be mad nicks best victories are FWs and LWs and paul daley. he is highly over rated and is going to get demolished.   

blakemp site profile image  

8/26/14 12:40 AM by blakemp

Where are you coming up with these arbitrary numbers? If you're going to go with 7, at least look at his last 7 victories. Nick's gotten 2 TKO's in that time, and then 4 straight before that were all TKO's. And look at who Silva was facing... the likes of Chael Sonnen and Stephan Bonner. And also look at the fact that Silva has been KO'd and flash KO'd in his last 2 fights. Like I said, you may not want to admit it, but you have to worry about him putting himself in a position to get knocked out or at least badly hurt.We'll see what happens. Anderson better come in with some effective boxing if he hopes to use those kicks.

hendofanforlife(LMBBchamp!) site profile image  

8/26/14 12:24 AM by hendofanforlife(LMBBchamp!)

so its easier to imagine the guy with 1 tko in his last seven fights geting the ko than the guy with 4 out of his last 6? lmfao!  spider has seen 2 decisions in 17 ufc fights. nick had that in his previous 2. this shit wont even be close. 

blakemp site profile image  

8/26/14 12:02 AM by blakemp

lol yeah, you're right, Anderson will be completely safe if he intentionally puts his back up against the cage.. just like Paul Daley was.

HandyDarsh site profile image  

8/25/14 10:49 PM by HandyDarsh

Nicks doing his best to come off better in the media, dont hate on it now.  

Dead President site profile image  

8/25/14 10:06 PM by Dead President


blakemp site profile image  

8/25/14 10:05 PM by blakemp

It's difficult to imagine Nick getting knocked out. But it's easy to imagine Anderson putting himself in a position to get KO'd... like by taunting Nick & putting his back against the cage. If you're an Anderson fan, not only do you have to hope he's fully recovered, you have to hope he doesn't do any dumb shit.