Riggs: I thought I was going to die


Joe Riggs was set to return to the UFC September 13th in Brazil, but a few weeks back accidentally shot himself in a gun cleaning accident. The wounds were horrific, although not life threatening, but when it happened Riggs thought it could have been the end:

"I lost consciousness before the Air Evac got to my house, so I was laying there and my wife was putting her entire finger in my wound, because she thought my femoral was hit and all that stuff," he said. "When you don’t feel pain anymore, that’s not a good thing, and it started to not hurt. And I started to let go and go to sleep. So, I know those things sort of go hand-in-hand with dying. So I told my wife to get my son from the bedroom so I could say goodbye to him. And it is something that must have been very traumatizing to my son. But I said it to him because I thought I was going, and it was just a sad situation for him."

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rkm456 site profile image  

8/25/14 10:45 PM by rkm456

So there was a live round stuck in the chamber because of a bent pin....but pulling the trigger caused the round to go off? He didn't think to eject the magazine and fire off the live round before heading home form the range? I'm really happy the guy is going to be ok, and even more happy that his family hasn't lost a father and husband, and I understand that a mechanical fault is a more acceptable excuse than "I was watching Sopranos re-runs and started waving my loaded gun around, but there's pretty much no chance his account is true.To be honest, I'm guessing the reason he isn't being more specific about the type of firearm it was is because he'd probably be getting sued if he accused a firearms manufacturer of having a safety that allowed people to shoot themselves.

SporkChop site profile image  

8/25/14 9:18 PM by SporkChop

Dark place GSP is not impressed by Riggs' performance

Another Foob site profile image  

8/25/14 9:17 PM by Another Foob

For those wondering why he didn't unload the weapon before "cleaning" it."He was disassembling the pistol to remove a live round that was stuck due to a bent pin..."

BooZe site profile image  

8/25/14 8:53 PM by BooZe

2 rules in firearm safety Never handle a gun while intoxicated. And all ways make sure the weapon is clear before handling it.

BooZe site profile image  

8/25/14 8:52 PM by BooZe

Muzzle awareness, and gun safety! Glad he's ok, but these are avoidable errors.

Unlucky site profile image  

8/25/14 8:28 PM by Unlucky

Dis nigga for sure aint keepin those 2 lil VUs hes got left

Galanis site profile image  

8/25/14 8:23 PM by Galanis

God damn... the thing about his kid hit me hard. Glad he's ok and hope he bounces back with a good UFC run

Stu Cazzo site profile image  

8/25/14 8:14 PM by Stu Cazzo

I really don't think his excuse was legit (bent pin)...he admitted he pulled the trigger.

CindyO site profile image  

8/25/14 8:11 PM by CindyO

Because Joe Riggs is a stud and tough as hell, IMO:)  Glad he's going to be OK.   Cindy

Ryan Black site profile image  

8/25/14 8:08 PM by Ryan Black

Damn. That had to be scary as hell for his son. I'm just glad he's okay. Accidents happen, that's just life- but I am very relieved to hear that he and his family are alright.