King Mo: MMA is not a true sport, and pro wrestling is tougher

by Kirik Jenness |

Bellator light heavyweight Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal recently appeared on Australia's Submission Radio, for a lively, informative, and wide-ranging discussion.

Lawal had hoped to become a twin star in both MMA and pro wrestling, on Bellator and on TNA, both of which air on the UFC's old home on cable Spike. However, TNA was recently dropped, so the Lawal's pro wrestling future is unknown. Never the less, Lawal detailed which of the two is tougher.

“Pro Wrestling is harder than MMA," said Lawal. "Here’s the reason why, in MMA I can avoid damage. I can circle, I can pull guard, I can take you down, I can push you to the cage, hell I can tap, I can verbally give up. In Pro Wrestling I’ve seen guys tear their ACL and continue to wrestle solely to please the crowd. You know regardless of what happens, the show must go on. You go out there, people are out there at one point they were wrestling like three times a week, four times a week. You know Hulk Hogan’s leg drop shrunk his spine, but guess what, he was still doing it. You know, your body is banged up, you're taking bumps, you're flying over ropes, through the ropes, hitting the ropes, hitting the turnbuckle, getting body slammed, taking a bump.

"You know that stuff breaks your body down, and you could ask any wrestler, you get a wrestler that’s 47 years old and you get an MMA fighter that’s 47 years old, the wrestler's gonna look like he’s sixty compared to an MMA fighter. You get Randy Couture and compare him to someone like the Undertaker, I know Undertaker’s a little older but I guarantee you the Undertaker at 47, 48 years old was far more beat up then what Randy Couture was.”

“I have no idea what’s going to happen, I'm hoping the Spike TV Deal happens. I’m pretty sure Dixie has people on it. You know I went to wrestling school, I can wrestle matches. I’m just hoping things get situated so I can get back on Impact and show the wrestling world that King Mo knows what he’s doing in the squared circle. Because when it comes down to it, I put my work in at Ohio Valley Wrestling. I wanna show off what I've learned.”

“MMA is not really a true sport, because in a true sport the people that win with game plans, regardless if it’s a lay and pray win or a wall and stall win, they still get acknowledged. In soccer, soccer games are 1-0. They go an hour, or an hour and a half with no scoring and it's 1-0, or 0-0, or a draw. And guess what, people are still there and people respect it. In MMA, if you're boring they don’t like you. True sports all that matters is the result, not how you win. The result is all that matters in true sports, that’s it. MMA is entertainment, sports entertainment, it’s like World Wrestling, that’s it.”

(48:55 mark)


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MachidaFan203 site profile image  

8/28/14 12:59 PM by MachidaFan203

Reading comprehension is shit on almost every website. Damn, this need to be improved in our education system more than anything.Agreed though.

MachidaFan203 site profile image  

8/28/14 12:57 PM by MachidaFan203

Except the hyperbole at the end, when he compared MMA to Pro Wrestling. I do agree with him though. I dont see what the big deal is if you still like watching fights. In fact, the less rules there are in MMA the better. Soccer kicks should be allowed. Downward elbows, etc. The only thing that shouldnt be allowed is eye guaging and the obvious shit.

Col Angus site profile image  

8/28/14 12:33 PM by Col Angus

What we have here is a failure to communicate

DYNO site profile image  

8/28/14 12:23 PM by DYNO

This is why I miss MMA's roots: NHBAt some point this thing stopped being about fighting...and it became a point oriented game.ZZZZZzzzzz.......*

Don_Dada site profile image  

8/28/14 10:50 AM by Don_Dada

Mo just sounds bitter that he didn't reach the levels he strived to achieve. The guy is just a complete ball of negative energy. 

eljamaiquino site profile image  

8/28/14 10:39 AM by eljamaiquino

All professional sports is entertainment. Tiger woods sells more stuff, so pga sets events up so that he has more chances to enter and win. If you don't sell tickets, there's no sport. That's why the nba changed rules on zone vs man to man defense. That's why LeBron gets marketed more than Tim Duncan by the league.

DIAZ_BROS, AGENT'S_ADVICE site profile image  

8/28/14 8:18 AM by DIAZ_BROS, AGENT'S_ADVICE

So if the yankees trade alex rodriguez for not hitting home runs and just getiing basic hit and getting in based from time to time then baseball or the mlb isnt a sport?? Same logic applies ufc is a company the chooose what kind of fighters they want in thier organization

redbluff site profile image  

8/28/14 12:35 AM by redbluff

Esta loco este negro.

FadeToBlack site profile image  

8/27/14 11:26 PM by FadeToBlack

Yes, MMA is a sport. But the largest and most influential organization (UFC) - and by FAR this is the most influential organization in the sport, with no close 2nd - has created a culture that punishes successful athletes (i.e. Askren, Okami) on the premise that their style is not a commodity they can SELL to the masses. When wrestlers avoid using their wrestling, and instead, try to strike and possibly get knocked out in 'exciting' fashion, all because fans find it exciting and the promoter awards you a bonus for getting KO'd (fight of the night) have to seriously look at the system in place and ask yourself how sportsmanlike it is. And the answer is, that's not something you see in tennis or golf or even football, baseball, basketball or soccer. I'm not even sure it's this bad in boxing or kickboxing. It's a sport, but it's more sports entertainment than any of the above sports.

mmate site profile image  

8/27/14 11:11 PM by mmate

yet another idiotic rant from moi have never seen a bout in which a fighter clearly won but was intentionally ruled the loser due to not being exciting enoughsure mma does not have the same type of formal layout as something like football but that is because it is an individual combat sport, there are all sorts of intangibles which affect setting up this sort of system - just look at boxing. not to mention the ufc is in the process of implementing a rankings system to try and make title shots etc more fair and transparentmo is mad that his brief stint at relevancy (spurred on by his charisma, didn't see him complaining when the entertainment factor of mma was working in his favour)is over