Expendables 3 director: Rousey broke my rib


Ronda Rousey has been known to injure an opponent every now and then in the cage, but also recently hurt the director of her newest movie, The Expendables 3:

“I remember the first thing we shot with Ronda, I actually got beaten up”, said Hughes. “Ronda’s first time ever on camera was the scene with Sly at a bar, and she’s really super-nervous. I went up and said, “’Well, what do you do before a big fight?” And she says, “I like to spar in my room. I get that nervous energy out.” And I said, “So you need to hit something? Let’s find something to hit.” And she said, “But I want to hit you.” She was like, “Put your arms up.” And I’m thinking, “Ronda’s just going to do this.” put my hands up, and she goes WHAM! Next day, I was getting dressed and my kids were there at the time, my 7-year-old daughter said “What’s that?” And I had this huge black mark. I had a broken rib. And I said, “I got beaten up by an actress.”

Rousey said in the interview that Hughes’ claim of the broken rib is false.

“He didn’t have a broken rib! I didn’t hit anything hard”, Rousey stated.

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AdmiralCackbar site profile image  

8/28/14 10:56 AM by AdmiralCackbar

I love when Dana posts here .

JudOWNED site profile image  

8/28/14 10:48 AM by JudOWNED

Lol. Guy's probably never been hit in his life. He gets one light shot to the body, it leaves a bruise and he cries broken rib! No, man, it's just a bruise cause you're soft.

Tru site profile image  

8/28/14 2:36 AM by Tru

might as claim he got 4 displaced ribs, 2 stitches in his face and a broken johnson.    

ProteinOverdrive site profile image  

8/28/14 2:25 AM by ProteinOverdrive

It's spinal!

Rob San Soo site profile image  

8/28/14 1:13 AM by Rob San Soo

Anybody see Eva green in sin city 2 , now that's an actress! Amazing body IMO lol

Rob San Soo site profile image  

8/28/14 1:12 AM by Rob San Soo

Broken rib lol didn't know till daughter pointed it out lmao

redbluff site profile image  

8/28/14 12:29 AM by redbluff

He's an idiot......my broken ribs made me wonder if I'd ever breath normal again in my life.And they totally stick out at a weird angle years later.

Santo Amaro site profile image  

8/27/14 1:54 PM by Santo Amaro

the directors an egg

Nonlinear site profile image  

8/27/14 1:53 PM by Nonlinear

c[_] <- Care Cup is empty because Rousey isn't a box office draw. Stick to MMA, sweetheart.http://www.inquisitr.com/1419149/expendables-3-flops-at-box-office/

stanneh site profile image  

8/27/14 1:45 PM by stanneh

I've had people tell me they also broke their rib and then describe how it was difficult to work.I always thought hang on you were able to do work with a broken rib?I always thought maybe it affects you differently depending on the location of the rib but a torn cartilage sounds more like what they describe.I couldn't sit up or lay down I was an absolute piss poor bag of bones I broke my rib snowboarding off piste I hit one hidden tree stump then bounced off another with my rib cage I was instantly crippled I couldn't breath and I was in so much pain I eventually passed out. I remained completely fucked for weeks.