Baszler: One fight shares a life's journey with the fans


In a recent blog, women's MMA pioneer Shayna Baszler talks about her upcoming UFC debut vs. Bethe Correia at UFC 177 on August 30, live on PPV.

Baszler is one of the Four Horsewomen, along with Marina Shafir, Jessamyn Duke, and of course UFC women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey.

Correia is coming off a win over Jessamyn Duke at UFC 172. Following her win over Duke, the still undefeated Bethe Correia held up four fingers, and then dropped one. Correia's message was one down, three to go.

Baszer talks about her undefeated opponent, as well as fan reactions to The Four Horsewomen.

Social media has changed things. You see, everyone seems to understand that MMA is a sport that the toughest people succeed in. But everyone is a tough guy on social media. There’s no personal accountability, so why not be the badass you wish you were in real life? But I have learned a lot there, too.

I have learned that no matter what we do or say, fans will make it to be whatever it is they want it to be. The only person Ronda Rousey has ever been disrespectful to is Miesha Tate, and they have history. But, for some reason, I hear people talk about her being so disrespectful all the time. Everything she says is taken and twisted for that agenda. And we are Ronda’s friends, but by proxy, we are made out to be disrespectful, too. Marina Shafir did nothing disrespectful to her last opponent. But because we are friends with Ronda, it is assumed she did. It doesn’t matter what we do or say, it won’t change anyone’s mind. But I have also learned that is quite freeing. I can say whatever I want! I never called Bethe Correia out. I simply pointed out, if Ronda had done something like that four-finger thing Bethe did, she would have gotten booed out of the arena and social media would have been abuzz with how “someone needs to beat that disrespectful bitch” or something along those lines. It’s very true. Think about that double standard.

I have learned that fans aren’t just fickle as fans. A great many of them are fickle as people, too. We are a team. A family. We live and train together. We see the struggles and triumphs that are hidden from the media. And not just at the gym, like some teams. Living together means we experience each other’s roads in our relationships and lives. All of this creates a bond that is so much bigger than wins and losses. And to suggest that we kick anybody out, or stop considering ourselves a team simply because someone lost? I feel bad that most of the social media world doesn’t know what it’s like to share something bigger than that. Something that losses and mistakes and growing pains can’t break. We are a team. A family. I have seen the achievements that you haven’t, behind the closed doors. And I have been through much myself, only to turn around and see my family members standing steadfast and proud behind me. I will proudly hold these four fingers up, despite how fickle people think we should give up. Because that’s what loyalty is.

Most of all, I have learned fighting isn’t about wins and losses. It’s so much bigger than that. When a fighter gets into that cage, they are sharing their journey. Every tear, every ass beating they have taken in the gym and in life, every step they were too sore to take but took anyway, every lesson learned, easily or hard—it’s all there. Everyone has a reason they are fighting a certain fight. Everyone has a story. And love us or hate us, fans care more about the story of a fight than the fight itself.

So this Saturday, it’s me in there, sharing with you my story. From the beginnings of a sport that I did for love and gas money. As I climb those steps into the Octagon, remember, it’s not just about Bethe and her hand gesture. My story is a long one, a much longer one than that. And it has all the elements a good story needs—struggle, triumphs, romantic side stories, hilarious outtakes—but most of all, it is epic. And the best part of every epic tale is that for some reason, the hero never dies.

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JuicedBeast site profile image  

9/1/14 11:23 PM by JuicedBeast

They'll give her another shot just cause RR will beg Dana for it...

Leghound site profile image  

9/1/14 11:09 PM by Leghound

Seems like she's had a few chances. Couldn't beat a newcomer in the TUF house now this loss. I know the women's division is shallow but keeping her with her recent record makes it look like even more of a joke.

xaeo site profile image  

9/1/14 4:27 AM by xaeo

Unless it's a mud wrestling exhibition with Bridget the midget, her chances are slim.

RollHighAllDay site profile image  

9/1/14 4:08 AM by RollHighAllDay

I hope Shayna gets another shot in the UFC.

xaeo site profile image  

9/1/14 3:53 AM by xaeo

Bethe gave a blueprint on how to fuck shit up and get jiggy with it. Ronda likes to act like she can throw punches for the camera. Bethe does it to the horses. BANG BANG. Now back to dat booty.Srs tho Ronda by first round arm bar. Regardless, dat booty tho. And if I ever see big john after he put his hands on that masterpiece behind so god help me. I'll choke him out and do strange strange things to him.

Musashi site profile image  

9/1/14 3:35 AM by Musashi

Great. You agree. Thanks for sharing.

I Got extendos, I GOT EXTENDOS! site profile image  

9/1/14 2:26 AM by I Got extendos, I GOT EXTENDOS!

LolFWIW i think rhonda destroys all challengers.So you are saying that the best way to defeat an opponent with a stand up style is to push a furious pace, close the distance and constantly threaten with takedowns, ground strikes and sub attempts.Wow, this is revolutionary. You should Definitely contact cains people with this information, he may be able to implement it against jds. Just make sure his cardio is on point, he would hate to gas out and become a human punching bag after 5 mins. Twit

Musashi site profile image  

9/1/14 1:28 AM by Musashi

I don't like either of them. Round 2 was Baszler getting exposed. Round one is a blueprint on how to beat Bethe. Rousey will crush her. Twit.

carcaju site profile image  

9/1/14 12:30 AM by carcaju

Haha yeah she exposed us to the fact that she just fuckstarted Bazlers face with her fists. You fucking mong.

Ch1ef site profile image  

8/31/14 9:18 PM by Ch1ef

Lol, people were calling him a sick fuck because of that username.