Correia: I will beat Rousey and retire undefeated


Bethe Correia has already defeated two of the four horse women and with Rousey the only one left in the UFC, has her eyes set on the champion:

"I don’t know what Dana White’s plans are, but I respect his decision. He knows what he has to do. But the only thing I can say is I want to be the champion so bad," Correia responded. "I know I would give Ronda a great fight. I’m capable of beating Ronda. I know that."

"I’m one of the first women to sign with the UFC, I’m undefeated, and I have the right to ask for this opportunity," she continued. "I want the title fight. I challenge Ronda Rousey to end my invincibility, because she won’t. I’m the one who will retire as the undefeated UFC champion. My dream is to fight for the title. I want to show the whole world that I’m the UFC champion."

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Musashi site profile image  

9/3/14 2:41 PM by Musashi

imo Meisha, Cat, Kaufman, Eye and Davis all beat this chick... and she should fight 1 or 2 of them before getting a shot at Ronda.

DREXp site profile image  

9/3/14 10:18 AM by DREXp

Sorry bro, I accidentally voted you down.yeah you make good point but I just think she throws with more technique than most that Honda has fought, and it could make a difference. I might just be bias coz I wanna see bethe beat her. I also wanna see them stare each other down, coz they're both kinda gangsta with it.

UGCTT_CrestRio site profile image  

9/3/14 8:13 AM by UGCTT_CrestRio

Shes beating world class boxers guys!!!! D=!!

CaptChaos site profile image  

9/3/14 7:25 AM by CaptChaos

IMO bet the us overrated. Yes she has done well since debuting in the UFC but she won a Split, beat a not very good Duke, and another overrated fighter in Bazler. Bazler has no hands and can't win if she doesn't submit you. She got most if her wins before the girls started getting good.Bethe would get steamrolled by Ronda. She needs another fight with a top tier girl and she will lose IMO. A matchup with Holly Holm would be quite perfect actually.Be careful about matching up Cat Zingano up with Ronda too soon. Cat is fighting the dark horse in the division in Amanda Nunes. Nunes is very athletic, powerful, and can fight. I would not be surprised if she beat Cat.

Steve4192 site profile image  

9/3/14 7:10 AM by Steve4192

Bethe has no power.Shayna was eating those shots up against the cage like they were delicious cupcakes. The fight was stopped because Shayna wasn't 'intelligently defending herself', not because Bethe was doing devastating damage. That stoppage was closer to a TKO (exhaustion) than it was to a KO. Shayna was just too gassed to get her hands up or move her feet and Bethe treated her like a heavy bag.

moss_4h site profile image  

9/3/14 12:33 AM by moss_4h

this bethe is crazy..

DREXp site profile image  

9/3/14 12:29 AM by DREXp

Yeah but honda has been tagged a couple of times going in for the throw, even tho her chin held up, those girls don't throw hands like bethe. Still couldn't pick against honda tho.WAT BETHE

44 Magnum site profile image  

9/3/14 12:24 AM by 44 Magnum


Musashi site profile image  

9/3/14 12:13 AM by Musashi

Watch round 1 of her fight with Shayna.Now imagine if Shayna was Ronda.

andyman011 site profile image  

9/3/14 12:07 AM by andyman011

Im saying at her natural weight. She manhandles guys in training and she has ridiculous judo and top game. Any body can get rocked from a mans punch but I feel at her weight its less likely