Bisping: I'll fight Rockhold winner take all


Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold have spent the last month verbally attacking each other in the media and social media. Rockhold has stated that he would like to fight Bisping and that if he didn't finish him in the first round, would give his entire purse to Bisping. Rockhold seems pretty serious about the offer, but Bisping would prefer slightly different terms, although to the same affect:

"I've never been finished before in one round in my life," Bisping said flatly of the idea. "I don't know why Luke Rockhold thinks he's going to be the first to do it. But it's not exactly a fair bet, is it? Let's be honest, my purse is a little higher. I've been around a lot longer than Luke Rockhold.

"But I'll have a gentleman's bet. I'll challenge him to a fight, and the winner takes all, you know what I mean? I've never been finished in one round in my life. I've certainly never been finished in one round like he did against (Vitor) Belfort. So he just needs to shut up, really, and focus on his fights. I see him hanging out at pool parties, he's cupping tigers' balls. The real question is, did he take that tiger to a pool party after he was done feeling him up? The guy slowly but surely is turning into a bit of a laughingstock. Just get back to business, get back to winning fights, and people will take you seriously again."

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9/6/14 1:51 PM by California

How much are plane tickets to Sydney? I wonder if the Saint Mary's hoops team will be there. Screw it... I'll watch at home with some Outback Steakhouse. No worries, mate. The Count may have to drop his "o" after this fight. Nah actually, I kinda like Bisping. Witty lad with serious stones. But 11/8 Rockhold will pound him out in RD 1. And just in time for the Holidays! How lovely :)

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9/5/14 5:09 PM by California

Amusing feud. I will give Bisping the edge in shit talking. When it comes to their actual fight, my strong opinion is that Rockhold is going to absolutely smoke his ass.

beastmans chin site profile image  

9/4/14 7:00 AM by beastmans chin

Rockhold gets 50k to fight 50k to win.Bisping gets around 500k to win.

GriffinQ site profile image  

9/4/14 6:30 AM by GriffinQ

I kind of figured they made similar amounts. I'm guessing Bisping is one of the non-champs who gets PPV points, but in terms of disclosed salary, aren't they similar? Rockhold was part of SF when their guys were getting PAID and he left as the champ.

Warchilds_4_Whoreswomen site profile image  

9/4/14 4:29 AM by Warchilds_4_Whoreswomen

As was le/bisping

Ruthless Rye site profile image  

9/4/14 12:59 AM by Ruthless Rye

As I read it, no.Bisping is saying,imho, you can not beat me in the first round...and I'll sweeten the pot.Beat me however, 1st 2n etc., take my purse as well.That is not going to happen, weirdo. And your weak ass check will make sure that I contribute those sources to you being banned from animals, Mr. Zoophilia.

GnP Sonnen site profile image  

9/3/14 7:40 AM by GnP Sonnen


MixedMartialTart site profile image  

9/3/14 7:38 AM by MixedMartialTart

That doesn't make sense. Surely Bisping is making it worse for himself? With Rockhold's terms, Bisping doesn't even need to win he just needs to take the fight past the 1st or finish it in the 1st. With these new terms he needs to win at some stage over the 5 rounds or get the nod from the judges. I'm quite a logical guy, but I'm assuming I've missed something here? Wouldn't it make sense to just take Rockhold's tote?

Y2JB site profile image  

9/3/14 7:28 AM by Y2JB

I like Bisping but he's got nothing for Rockhold. Rockhold is world class and has a good chance of getting the belt next year. Weidman / Rockhold is the best fight at MW right now i think.

TenOfSwords site profile image  

9/3/14 6:31 AM by TenOfSwords

Whenever a fighter demands this, two things happen: One, the fight isn't fought under those conditions; and two, the fighter who demanded it loses.