War Machine facing thirty two counts, life in prison


Former Bellator fighter War Machine (aka Jon Koppenhaver) has had his share of run ins with the law, but his latest transgression could land him in prison for the rest of his life:

Koppenhaver, who originally faced nine charges, now faces 32 counts, including attempted murder, sexual assault, battery, coercion, preventing or dissuading a witness or victim from reporting a crime, and first-degree kidnapping resulting in substantial bodily harm. The new charges also involve Mack and Thomas as the victims, Bluth said.

The fighter is due in court Oct. 17. He faces life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson said that after further investigation prosecutors learned there about more “incidents of criminal conduct.”

He declined to go into detail about the allegations.

“It’s a serious case,” Wolfson said. “We’ve alleged serious charges. The accusations are serious.”

Wolfson said he met with Mack.

“She’s ready to testify,” Wolfson said. “She’s ready to come into court and tell what happened.

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9/7/14 1:44 AM by 46and2


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9/7/14 1:09 AM by Osbot

If he gets put in gen pop he will get the shit beaten out of him and raped unless he gets in with a gang.The simple fact is that he is going to be facing prison rules, no matter how bad ass he might be one on one versus these dudes, they will come at him with numbers to put him in his place.How do I know this?I watched Oz.

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9/6/14 10:34 PM by ringworm

"I think that anybody could make a "pretty decent friend under the right circumstances," as long as the circumstances are on their terms. I can see War Machine completely losing it on pretty much anyone if it strikes him wrong."Good point, I'm guilty of using waffle words."People such as War Machine have to live in a society where he has to "play by the rules" and he may do better in a different environment, I don't know."In other kinds of societies people also have to play by the rules. It's just that the rules are different. A golden retriever would make a lousy sled dog, A husky would make a lousy sheep dog. A basset hound would make a lousy guard dog. That doesn't make any of them bad dogs, it just means they're not well suited to some roles.Behavior which is considered laudable in one kind of society is considered shameful in another, and vice versa. The society that the American upper middle class lives now lives in, in which the state has a near monopoly on violence is certainly a historical anomaly considering that the first humans emerged on the African Savannah about 100,000 years ago, and that Burr shot Hamilton in 1804.I'm not saying War Machine would have been admired in another place or time, just that a fair number of people would do worse, and a fair number would do better. He's more likely to be in the second group.

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9/6/14 12:20 PM by GroverSexyArea

ttt 4 good psych discussion!

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9/6/14 11:08 AM by vonther

Ringworm, thanks for the response. I do agree that steroids have not helped the situation(I do think if steroids are used properly, they have minimal psychological consequences for most). Also, being a fighter has not helped him either, although it can help others on numerous levels. Also, two people can become equally dysfunctional, just in different ways due to many factors(reinforcers, attributes, modeling, hatred, and so forth).As I said in an earlier post, stereotypically this is the profile of many personality disorders. However, it doesn't mean there cannot be outliers. Once in a blue moon pathology cannot be understood. That is why I use terms in my posts such as generally and stereotypical. I am using narcissism in a different context than what you are, attempting to relate it to an individual such as War Machine, although he is far more Antisocial and PTSD in nature, and Christy Mack, as "most" porn stars, strippers are histrionic and probably borderlines, oversexualizing everything.One thing that is important to remember, is that we all can be narcissistic, dependent, and so forth at times, but are emotionally stable enough to "pull it back" so to speak and function, do what's right, etc. I think that anybody could make a "pretty decent friend under the right circumstances," as long as the circumstances are on their terms. I can see War Machine completely losing it on pretty much anyone if it strikes him wrong. It has also been my experience that men and women that are unstable equally pick mates that are unstable, sometimes just like them or the opposite, but unstable nonetheless. Another "put together" human being would not form a relationship for long with somebody such as this, be it a male who is a friend or female in a sexual relationship.People such as War Machine have to live in a society where he has to "play by the rules" and he may do better in a different environment, I don't know.

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9/6/14 12:46 AM by StreetFightingKing

This thread actually got interesting

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9/5/14 11:34 PM by ringworm

Very impressive, and well thought out.Undoubtedly War Machine has a genetic predisposition to those tendencies, and undoubtedly events in his childhood served to trigger those those genetic predispositions. That being said, I think there's more involved.Steroids for example. When someone already has violent tendencies and difficulty controlling their emotions, steroids don't help.I'm going to digress a bit here, but it bears mentioning that not everyone needs to be abused to develop something in cluster B. I knew a guy who was a textbook sociopath who grew up in a supportive environment with two normal siblings.Also, people who are abused/neglected in exactly the same ways, can develop very different coping mechanisms depending on their natural inclinations. Some of these coping mechanisms might not even be immediately recognized as cluster B.Imagine two people who both had rough childhoods. One of them grows up to do alpha male shit - is attracted to Christy Mack even though she's totally fucked up - dates her - and beats her half to death for being a whore even though he knew she was a whore when he started dating her.The other grows up to be a neck beard - is attracted to Christy Mack even though she's totally fucked up - faps to her - fantasizes about 'rescuing' her - and white knights her on the Internet while posting fantasies about doing violence to the first guy who she'd probably still fuck if he turned her on by beating up the neck beard.The woman is manipulative, and attention seeking with an excessive need for approval. She's got more issues than vogue. The first man doesn't give a fuck what the fuck any of you fucks fucking think about him being fucking narcissistic cause he's an alpha male you little bitch! The second man is so narcissistic that he demands everyone recognize how noble and pure his intentions are when he tells you that he wants to see the first man get raped to death in prison because he, the second man, is a gentleman and not a rouge."Rescuer" tendencies that involve violence aren't always frowned on. In the right circumstances, they'd be universally praised here. For example, many of the major war heroes and accomplished snipers grew up in abject poverty as "parentized children" using .22 caliber rifles to hunt small game to feed their younger siblings. When they joined the military, they played the same role but substituted other soldiers/marines for their biological siblings, and used larger caliber rifles to save their 'brothers' by killing enemy soldiers instead of rabbits.but I digress.I've met a fair number of people who would have done really well in a hunter-gatherer society, but were not made to live in post-agricultural civilization. Some of them were incredibly loyal, and never screwed their friends over, but were quick to use violence against people outside of their circle, and were especially quick to use it to defend anyone in their circle. They could get into trouble a lot sooner and deeper than people who lacked any moral character at all, but were also more cowardly.For all I know, War Machine could make a pretty decent friend to other men under the right circumstances. Although, he'd probably always be a serious physical threat to any woman he was romantically involved with even if he didn't actually get to the point of hitting her. This is probably exacerbated by him having a tendency to be more attracted to women who have the emotional problems that would contribute to situations that triggered his violent tendencies.Thoughts?

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9/5/14 11:17 PM by vonther

It's what I do for a living. When I started I saw a lot more Borderlines, now in my private practice they come in from time to time. Unfortunately, they rarely can stick to the counseling and end up firing me. Some of them get very close to really improving and then quit. Unfortunately it is very common for them to do this. I work in West Virginia so porn stars are not real prevalent here, but I get strippers on average about twice a year(in my practice), and they are all a mess. I assume a parallel can be made between the two "professions."The thing is underneath it, you can see that they are decent people but sexualize everything and are so damaged. It really is amazing how things do fall into place a certain way, and it is almost impossible to stop it regardless.

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9/5/14 7:20 PM by subwrassler

factsand good advice

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Are you 16 years old?