7 female MMA fighters suing Chicago office candidate

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Sean Morrison is running for a seat on the Cook County Board of Review—the government body that hears property tax appeals. Morrison is involved in a series of lawsuits with seven women mixed martial arts fighters, who say he owes them money from a failed reality TV show called “Ultimate Women Challenge.” The show, which features women in skimpy clothing fighting one another, was financed in part by Morrison. When it failed to be picked up for broadcast, Morrison was left as the show’s owner.

“If he was on fire, I wouldn’t spit on him. He’s a waste of skin,” said Angela Magana, one of the show’s participants.

Morrison says his loan was his only involvement with the show. He is counter-suing the women for revealing the results of the show, which was a violation of their contracts.

State GOP Chairman Pat Brady says Morrison should drop out of the race. He’s supporting Morrison’s Republican opponent, incumbent Dan Patlak.

“This position he’s running for is critically important to the taxpayers of Cook County. I think it shows bad judgment. He’s involved in this nasty lawsuit in kind of a weird industry,” said Brady.

Morrison says he will not drop out of the race. The women had their suit dismissed in Wisconsin State Court on a technicality. They say they’re planning another lawsuit. Morrison’s countersuit in federal court is ongoing.

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