A Beautiful Mind for MMA?

Friday, July 06, 2012

UnderGround Blogger Marcos Avellan, along with his brother David, founded South Florida’s Freestyle Fighting Academy (FFA) in 2001, and has trained fighters for the UFC, WEC, Bodogfight, EliteXC, Strikeforce, and dozens of other promotions. 

This is the sequel to my piece that was posted a few days ago about the Boxing Secrets that I smuggled from Cuba.

In the movie, “A Beautiful Mind”, the main character, Russell Crowe, is a schizophrenic.  As a result, he sees and imagines things that aren’t really happening… and I’m recommending you do the same in your MMA training! 

What?  I must be going crazy too!  🙂  Check out my video to understand what I mean by this.


I need to apologize about my foul language!  In this video there is a LOT of cursing.  Why?  Not that it is a good excuse, but this demo was the end of a four day, ten hour a day, instructor training that I was doing for about forty to fifty UFC fighters, black belts, and gym owners from around the world – we even had a team fly in from Australia!

I don’t care who you are… after sitting in the same chair for almost 40 hours, you are going to start dozing off… so I dropped some “F” bombs to keep everyone shocked and in attention 🙂  This particular video was never meant to be shared on the Internet… but I got such great reviews by the fighters and instructors in attendance that I decided to post it up and share it with everyone.

I’ll post up Part III in a few days.  Enjoy!

Marcos Avellan