A look back: Joe Lauzon’s first fight

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

No matter how good a fighter is today, there was a point when they were just starting out and their skill set maybe wasn't quite what it is today.

Joe Lauzon is one of the UFC's most exciting lightweights. He has won 22 professional bouts, with only one of those wins by decision and is tied for the record for most 'of the night' bonuses.

However, Lauzon wasn't always a top tier fighter; no fighter ever starts as one. In a recent Q&A on Reddit, Lauzon shared a video of his first fight.

His first amateur fight took place at the 'Battle of Taunton 2' in Taunton, MA. Lauzon was not much past his eighteenth birthday, and had been training strictly in no-gi grappling for less than a year. Lauzon was scheduled to compete on the card, but on fight night the main event was in jeopardy. Local martial arts instructor Greg Mendes was scheduled to fight and was a huge ticket seller, but with no opponent, Lauzon was thrust into the main event. 

The fight wasn't pretty. Lauzon stalked his opponent, ate a couple good shots, but eventually got the fight to the ground and finished the fight with a heel hook. His skills were about as raw as you could get, but he did show a confidence and go for broke attitude that has made him a fan favorite in the UFC. This was the first win of his 5-3 amateur career, and if it shows us anything, it's that no matter where you start, hard work and dedication can bring you success.