Akira: ‘It wasn’t a clear tap’

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Controversial TUF contestant Akira Corassani blogs about his experiences shooting the controversial fifth episode of Season 14: Bisping vs. Miller.

I cut about 22-25lbs for fights. The way the game worked was you get picked, make weight and then you fight. They didn’t show any of it, but I cut 22lbs in 28 hours for that fight. 10 liters of water. That’s a lot of water you have to draw out of your body. I was super miserable. That was literally the nearest death experience with dehydration I’ve ever had. I woke up and felt weak and sick. We weren’t at home so we can’t recover normally.

I was almost gassed just walking into the cage. Whatever, I’m a professional and I got the job done. I had double vision the whole fight. I actually don’t remember anything from that fight. I just remember two things. One is the knockdown. The other was that when he had me in a heel hook it wasn’t there. It wasn’t in.

If you watch the video again you see my knee pop out because he slipped. He lost his grip. I was thinking “holy shit he’s got it!” I changed my mind the moment he slipped. I’ve watched it maybe 100 times and I know for myself that I never tapped. Herb Dean has refereed thousands of fights and he didn’t see a clear tap.

Usually it’s a horror scene when somebody taps from a heel hook. People start screaming and crying. I raised my hand and tapped one time on his thigh but it wasn’t one of those dramatic taps like a metal drummer. It slipped out and I just went up on him. I would be honest and say I tapped if I did. I know the feeling that went through my body saying “this is going to hurt, I’m going to tap.” But then I got out. One hit and then I’m out.

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