Aldo: Penn helping me prepare for UFC 169

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

BJ Penn and Jose Aldo both trace their BJJ lineage back to the Nova Unaio team in Rio De Janiero. Penn was already a black belt under head coach Andres Pedernarias when Aldo came to the team, but the two had never trained together.

Penn who recently announced a return, this time at featherweight, seems to be getting back to his roots and heading to Brazil to help Aldo prepare for UFC 169 bout with Ricardo Lamas.

“B.J. is coming in January to know the gym and help us,” Aldo told “He is going to the U.S. again, and then he’ll come back to train with us all for the rest of our camps.”

Penn, a jiu-jitsu black belt under Nova Uniao’s Andre Pederneiras, hasn’t trained with Aldo before.

“I never trained with him,” he said. “He was already a black belt when I was on the team, so I never had the chance to train with him. But I’ll have this honor now.”

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What makes the situation even more interested is that Penn is returning to the UFC at featherweight, presumably to make a run at a title, but the title is currently held by Aldo.