Aldo: We will get payback on Team Alpha Male

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Team Alpha Male won its first UFC championship at UFC 173, when T.J. Dillashaw beat Renan Barao. The next day the team's official Instagram impishly posted an image mocking Barao.

The team then took the above down, and replaced with with another, but nothing disappears on the Net once it is public.

In an interview with Brazilian radio show No Mundo da Luta, Barao's Nova Uniao teammate Jose Aldo expressed his feelings on the jibe.

“By their logic, how many times would we have to sign Urijah Faber in an MMA seminar at Nova Uniao?” said Aldo as transcribed by Guilherme Cruz for MMAFighting.

“It was lack of respect. We always defeat them, Faber always lost to us and we never did that. We always respected them. We always tried to help them, like when they came here to the gym. We never disrespected them. But it’s cool. Let’s be patient, we will meet again. I have a fight coming up with Chad, and Barao, God willing, will fight Dillashaw again and we will get the payback.”

Aldo also offered his opinion on why Barao lost.

“Renan was well prepared, and of course he knew that he was also well trained, but Dillashaw surprised him,” said Aldo. “Barao could have been better physically, mentally, everything, but he didn’t expect the way Dillashaw fought.”

“Let’s say Barao was more relaxed than the other fights, he thought he would get in there as the champion, throw a punch and get the knockout,. He didn’t have his feet on the ground, a good head.”

“Two days before the fight, Dana White said Barao was the best pound-for-pound fighter on the planet, that he could knock out every fighter, and maybe that made him underestimate Dillashaw, who got there humbly and showed how things work.”

Mendes heard what Aldo said, and took offense, via Twitter.

chad mendes @chadmendes
Hey @josealdojunior I don't know anything about that post but I do know on Aug 2nd I AM going to BEAT YOUR ASS. #paybacksabitch @danawhite