Aldo broke foot in first round versus TKZ

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Jose Aldo successfully defended his UFC featherweight title at UFC 163 and even more, stopped his opponent with strikes in the fourth round. However, the fight wasn’t the barn burner we’ve expected from Aldo, something he attributed to injuring his foot early in the bout:

“When the fight started, the first thing I did was kick him, and he [checked it with] his knee. I don’t know if I broke my foot. It’s very swollen,” Aldo (Pictured, file photo) said at the post-fight press conference. “We tried to control [the fight] in a different way. Everyone always expects me to be throwing low kicks, but I’m a complete fighter, and I always try to practice everything. Wherever the fight goes, I try to use all my weapons. I have a whole arsenal of weapons for whoever is out there.”

In response to his foot injury, Aldo began to steadily work his jab in the first three rounds, continually beating Jung to the punch. Still, Aldo’s measured approach was interpreted by many in the MMA media and online fan community as a possible lack of conditioning. Not so, said Aldo, who asserted that he was simply fighting intelligently.

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Update: Aldo’s coach confirmed to MMAFighting that Aldo did indeed suffer a fracture in his foot:

“He broke his foot two minutes into the fight,” Andre Pederneiras, Jose Aldo’s head coach, told on Sunday. “The first kick he threw landed on (Jung’s) knee”.

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