Aldo hopeful for future super fights

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

At one time Anthony Pettis was in line to fight Jose Aldo for his featherweight title. Fate changed that and Pettis won the lightweight title, but now Aldo would like that same chance that he gave Pettis.

“I want it at lightweight,” Aldo recently said in regards to a potential fight with Pettis. “That’s where his belt resides, so I can steal it. It would be better for me since I already have a belt of my own. My belt is already up on the wall at my home.”

“I give great importance to superfights,” Aldo said. “Once you are a champion, you are a small part of history, but to win in other weight classes, that’s very rare, like B.J. Penn and Randy Couture. That will always be remembered in the history of the UFC and of MMA itself. When people talk about MMA legends, those two names are brought up because they succeeded in more than one weight class. Whoever wants to be the best, and be recorded in history, it’s necessary to win these superfights.”

“Many people like to talk superfights, but I see a certain respect, maybe it’s fear, to take on a fight like this,” Aldo said. “I think it’s a great idea. I think fighting up means that you can prove that you are the best and that you can win in the class above your own. As I see it, if Renan fights at featherweight, he would be a great champion. He has the strength and the game to fight at featherweight. Regarding myself, I already faced Frankie Edgar and was able to show that I would be able to fight as a lightweight and become the champion.

“I look at superfights positively, and I hope this happens in the future. I don’t believe in hiding. To win more than one belt would be like Michael Phelps winning multiple gold medals at the Olympics. If, as a champion, you just stay within the confines your weight class, you still make some sort of history, but you won’t become a legend.”

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