Aldo implies Mendes on PEDs, asks who the pu$$y is

Friday, July 11, 2014

After Jose Aldo pulled out of his scheduled title defense with Chad Mendes as UFC 176, Mendes appeared on The MMA Hour and said the UFC featherweight champion “can’t run forever.”

Further, Mendes called for an interim title bout.

“If Aldo can't stay healthy and is too fragile to go through a training camp, then I think it is time to step aside and let guys who are able to do that and able to push through all that stuff, to be a champ,” said Mendes.

An incensed Aldo replied in a message sent to Combate, via Google Translate.

“I heard the statements of Chad Mendes, and I have some doubts and questions for him. Regarding running away from him, so I assume he's calling me a p—y… So what I will say to him is – you do not know where I was born, what I went through to be alive today, where I came from.”

“But… okay, because I'm guessing you're at least a little confused. I saw a statement that you said that you thought I was disrespectful in jumping into the arms of my fans after knocking you out in Brazil.”

“Concerning my injuries, I have so many because I might not be taking the same “supplements” you take. I have injuries because I work out a lot to beat you, like I did last time, and I think you remember it and have nightmares about it to this day. I did all the necessary medical tests, but if you are now doctor, I can send the exams for you to evaluate. Maybe you can prescribe one of your supplements for me to get better faster?

“Regarding how long I'll stay out, the doctors decide that. The one who gets beat up usually runs away from another beating, but you can't run forever, because I am coming after you. When the cage door hasn't closed yet, you can say whatever you want, because once it closes you will be unable to open you mouth, so keep talking while you have a mouth. Are you in charge now of when we are going to fight? I think Dana White doesn't want to see someone make his decisions for him, right?

“I also heard talk that you want to fight for an interim belt, that you should not be waiting for me. That does not make much sense because, for example, Pettis has gone since August last year without fighting, due to injury, without an interim lightweight fight. Cain (Velasquez) has not fought since October, and will only fight in November. As you know well, I've fought this year in February (beat Ricardo Lamas at UFC 169). And there are still many months until December to finish the year and, even then, it would be less months that both Pettis and Cain are inactive.

“You seem to only want to fight in your home, you do not want to fight in Brazil at all. I've got injured before fighting in Brazil against Frankie (Edgar) and then went to Vegas to fight him. I fought there in your home (Sacramento) against your trainer (Urijah Faber). I fought (Mark) Hominick in his house in front of 55,000 people, I fought in Japan, in Europe. And you tell me who will be champion? A champion does not choose who he fights or where. Now I ask you who is the real P—Y?

Read entire article… (original Portuguese)

Mendes offered a rejoinder, via Twitter.

chad mendes @chadmendes 
Supplement deez nuts @josealdojr while ur at home restin that neck I'm out busting my ass at the stadium. No substitute 4 hard work! Kiss that belt goodbye! #newchamp